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Dec 17, 2013
Literally waited almost a whole month and no word, no update no headphones as I am seeing that many people in my area (ontario) have received their own pairs. I thought I purchased this crap a month ago to avoid "Christmas Shipping Slowdowns" and here I am wondering if a package of just HEADPHONES will even arrive before christmas. Can anyone from massdrop confirm anything? I literally was able to buy smthg from China (Cigarette case dispenser, Package should be no smaller or bigger than what mass drop would use, Ordered on the 16th and received that crap, from CHINA, no signature, with registered crappy chinese mail tracking about 2-3 weeks later), and Massdrop is having some troubles shipping from their fulfillment center? After this, I dont think I could trust massdrop with shipping something as simple as a pair of headphones while My friend who ordered a torch blaze lighter about the same time i ordered my headphones is still waiting for his delivery..You guys hate canadians or smthg? Invest in some better tracking to avoid these MUCH unappreciated customers giving you a hard time. Like it's CANADA. We're in North America, Hell charge me shipping when i order or smthg i'd pay extra but you guys just gave me no option and forced me to accept this horrendous P.O.S tracking that for the last 18 days, Served NO purpose with helping me track but pretty much just to make me "think" it's shipped? Well buddy, I dont think it takes that long for mail to get from USA to CANADA.
Dec 17, 2013
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