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Apr 14, 2017
I am not upset or enthused about my box. Here are the contents of my box so we can get an idea of what it was like for everyone. Corcho Slim Note: Lime Green Lamy Safari: Charcoal Extra Fine Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 20 color Pack <- my favorite item of the bunch ONE Pilot Microfine G-Tec-C3 .3mm tip Rhodia Staplebound Dot Pad N18- A4 size Pelikan Edelstein Ink: Onyx Whitelines Notebook Medium A5 KarasKustoms Ink Pen Body: Black A box of a dozen Pilot Microfine G-Tec-C3 .3mm tip. The box of G-Tec-C3 wasn't in great condition when I got it but they were all there. Edit: I just read the email from support about the Pen Body. They dealt with this even before I received my box, so I will consider this again.
Apr 14, 2017
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