Oct 11, 2018
How does this work with audiobooks or podcasts? Just curious if it keeps its place when I switch to music.
Oct 23, 2018
Hi.... I'm also keen to know this. I have been searching for a modern DAP that can do this. It seems so simple since my iPod Classic from more than a decade ago could remember the position of each audiobook and resume them where i left off. I end up having to use the "Smart AudioBook Player" app on my android phone. I use a type c "mini " DAC so i do get somewhat decent sound quality, but I would still prefer a good DAP.
A community member
Nov 5, 2018
Still looking for a podcast machine, i see :^)
Nov 5, 2018
This what shocks me most about current market. Why is such basic functionality (from 10 years ago) not standard? Sure wish there was an iPod nano designed with removable storage. Alas - pipe dream with modern greedy Apple. Could anyone confirm this works with wired headset inline controls? I know this functionality works with Bluetooth, but not clear if so with wired.
Money! Big time money...I've been charting my own journey in the universe  of music listening for over 15 years now (my first true foray was as a kid and my grandparents owned a custom tabletop record player. with a true American made moving coil needle, but it was always broken, and  when I started college, and replaced a 'Sony Discman' that was gifted to me by my brother-in-law, for a 'Coby' anti-shock player, that I saved up with my own money for.... Now that I'm a few years approaching 40, I can honesty speak to the shear greed of these multi-national corporations, that have yet to standardize criterion for headphones, audio speakers, converters, amplifiers, wiring, and other components of a modern-day listening system, i.e. ecc standards, electrical grounding, RIAA, conversion standards, packaging, as well as establishing a standard of proper aesthetic principles for companies, that entail, sample rates, current specs, U.I., will never happen because of greed, and the money grab 
Dec 5, 2018
But,, standards, like Red Book, are double edged swords that can assist in guaranteeing a form of quality while also stifling innovation,,, in the name of profit,,, and worse— it essentially begat the devil-spawn MP3... the antithesis of HiFi,,,, DSD (SACD) was to be the next up-tic in quality - money making successor to CD’s; but was almost DOA in the CD saturated consumer market. With the patent abandoned by Sony, It has become a gratis gift standard to audio, with studios now recording in DSD. A new standard to lock-in licensing fees and hardware is MQA. This is the new shill scam, money grubbing, fleece your pocket, “invention”, while lowering SQ in the guise of serving the market needs, in speed of distribution, yadi-yada... careful what you ask for in standards,, try DSD instead,,, think of it as an accidental gift from the Three Princesses of Serindip, (or Sony;)
What we can really use is a license-free standard; for a made-for-audio VCSEL based audio interconnect.
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You only live once.
Let your ears fly!!! Vuela Vuela.
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I made the decision to upgrade my modest Little Dot MKII Tube Amplifier this past week and it just got here yesterday. This is a used piece of gear, it's the first generation Woo Audio WA6. I wanted to go with Silver as it would match my Solid State Burson Conductor 3 Performance Headphone Amp/DAC/Pre-Amp, as well as the Schiit Lokius I also picked up recently. I wound up with Black; it was in the best condition of those I saw available, it was priced better and it came from an audio dealership with a brick & mortar store which displayed a working telephone number and an A+ rating with the BBB so I knew that I was probably safe in dealing with the gentleman. The Lokius is brand new. What I've learned is that I am going to have to do some figuring out how to deal with all of this new stuff, including how to get it all onto my 6 foot desk along with my lamp and modem. Apparently the Lokius has to be connected between Amp and DAC, so it would fit in between...
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