Jun 14, 2020
Be careful when ordering.
This review is as much about the ordering experience as it is the product. The product itself I would give 4 stars. Case feels a little light and flimsy. You can hear some rattling from the inside and LED's don't work as the manual suggests. Also it is very picky on what type of USB-C cable you use to it kind of defeats the purpose of a universal wire standard. On the plus side it sounds very good. Powers my Campfire IEMs without a noticeable noise floor and my HD6xx with room to spare. The ordering experience: This might be an issue with xDuoo as this is the second order they messed up for me but they sent me the wrong color. I ordered black and received silver. Another person in the discussion forums had the same happen. My guess is they don't have any black ones to begin with so I don't know why they offered the color option. The best Drop will do is offer you $20 credit for that mistake after giving you a series of canned responses. (The rep didn't even know there was a currently active run of the same item when I asked.)
Would not recommend to a friend.
Feb 16, 2021
Yes, this is an annoyance to a lot of people who're ordering black (including me) with a measly $20 credit to fix the mistake that there's some false advertising going on. Other than shipping, the DAC/AMP is actually very solid. Have you tightened the screws? I sometimes get that rattling, but tightening the screws removed that issue. My only gripe with it is that you can have rollable op-amps but you can't put any of the nice op-amps (like the Sparko Labs SS3602) since the capcitor layout and height of the case is limiting what you can put in it. If they made the space a little bigger, moved the capacitor and increased the height of the case, this would be perfect. However swapping the opamp to the Burson Audio V5i dual is sufficient for now.
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