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Mar 19, 2017
Congratulations to XMIT for bringing us those switches back to life.
I maybe among the lucky ones but I didn't have any issue as far as now with my 104 acrylic.
Yes, build–slices alignement, …, could be better, the USB cable is a little loose, backlighting may be uneven, but none of these are critical points.
This actually is a working keyboard that could turn into a first class one if a few critical issues were addressed:
1) sliders: while, on my board at least, the stock keycaps fit allright, I had no luck with swapping them: neither GMK nor Ducky PBT keycaps would do, the sliders are definitely too small. I have yet to try SP as soon as I receive my first set from MassDrop. Stock keycaps are not that bad, at least not worse than the one you get with most average known brands keyboards, but the font and design is anything but nice. I'd love to use that keyboard with GMK and turn the damn backlightimg off…
2) stabilizers: The keyboard rattles alot and I believe this mostly comes from the stabilized keys, so that the sound gets really annoying when using it extensively. Even my Novatouch, whose noise I don't like that much, sounds sweet in comparison.
Once again, thanks to XMIT for the effort—I easily imagine the amount of work it took—he put to offer us this keyboard, whose main assets:
1) its sealed, water and dustproof PCB
2) its no ghosting switches—which definitely is a issue with Cherry MX
are really worthwile.
If nice sounding and able to accomodate high quality keycaps, it would be a high end keyboard. Add full programmability, a wider choice of switches (tactile, clicky, stronger springs, to fit various tastes), a 68 key version, and, why not, ISO, for US europeans, and it would be a killer one.
My 2 cents, anyway…
Mar 19, 2017
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