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Dec 5, 2018
Is a great receiver to get up and running from a beginner's standpoint. However to get height channels and a whole 7.1 to work this is not the receiver for you. Also they would be move you to get additional amplification specifically for 5.1. Like I have done. I can tell you I can tell you that with certainty it is a necessity to use additional amplification. The amount of distortion that will occur when running all of my elec debut 2.0 speakers in my home theater . I own all of their speakers that have a 6 and a 1/2 inch mid bass driver. To this and these speakers do need much power considerably so since everything but the center channel is 6ohms. I can tell you without certainty however from extrapolating my experience when I move into a much bigger role my amplifiers will not suffer however to energize that space with sound I will need turn things up and in doing so the Yamaha receiver will need to have a more powerful that value on its volume when doing so we will start to introduce more noise noise from the electronic circuits being pushed harder this receiver is great for small rooms and my emotive a power amps work seamlessly they don't even get hot he would not know they were on however to that end an upgrade on the receiver into a bigger Room my Room is 15 by 30 if we were closer to 20 by 30 I would need more volume and thus getting into the noisy part of the volume range for my Yamaha receiver. Bear that in mind it does its job I do not get height channels with the or addition of my surround sound back channels this is not optimal. I would like to see a 7.1 point to at the very least not a 5.2.2

Dec 5, 2018
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