Yomega Denim Blue Prodigy YoYo
Yomega Denim Blue Prodigy YoYo
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Designed by world-class yo-yo enthusiast Daniel Dietz, the Yomega Prodigy is built for technically advanced string tricks. Given free reign to design the yo-yo according to his unique style of play, Dietz sought out his mentor, Nick Gumlaw of Spin Dynamics to create a truly optimized shape and design Read More

Oct 7, 2015
For those on the fence about this, know that its an awesome throw, especially at this price. I got in on the splash finish one that was up a couple weeks back, glass smooth spins, no vibe and a great feel both while throwing and in hand. Grinds like crazy and stays nice and stable. Be warned that the strings yomega includes are pretty bouncy and very soft, good idea to replace them if you have a preferred aftermarket string.
Oct 3, 2015
The Prodigy is the better yoyo overall. It's higher end and more competition-oriented. They're both machined by One Drop. Either would make a significant upgrade over the Maverick.
Oct 3, 2015
Newer to yoyos so I have a question. I got the Maverick from the drop here a month or two ago and was looking to upgrade. I've been looking to get the One Drop Benchmark H before I saw this. Which one would be a better choice?
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