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Jul 31, 2013
I used these at work for seven hours a day for a long time. The housings are slightly smaller than most earbuds on the market, which is perfect for my ears. This also made them extremely comfortable to me and most days I forget they are in my ears even when the music isn't on. I need to hear my coworkers on the other side of an open door, answer the phone randomly and immediately, as well as overpower the computer speakers of the person about 8 feet behind me. Earbuds fit the bill for all of these requirements much better than IEMs or big cans and these were perfect budget solutions. These not only worked but sounded great no matter what volume the music was at. I still use them as my daily driver on-the-go and have upgraded to the PK1 at work with an amp. There are better earbuds, but for the price these can't be beat for comfort, sound, and availability.
Jul 31, 2013
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