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Feb 4, 2014
Yulong have just released the matching fully-balanced amp to DA8 DAC/single-ended amp combo unit, the new A28, which both stack-match perfectly with this power conditioner.
2.5W into 32ohms! Should really make planars sing, even the HE6...
I've created a poll to check for interest in the new A28:
If the A28 comes up for a drop at the same time as this P18, I'd grab both of them to match the DA8 I already bought in a previous drop, but I'm a little reluctant to grab them individually; and if I did I'd prefer the amp first as that'll make a bigger difference, whereas the P18 is more sort of icing on the stack. I expect it to offer protection against transient events, but a noticable boost in audio quality is unlikely unless your local power is truly terrible.
But still, with the new Yulong stuff and also the new HiFiMan models coming out in a couple months, exciting times in desktop audio for sure!
Feb 4, 2014
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