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Feb 15, 2017
I just got my shipping email and I have to say whatever deal Massdrop made to get timetravel shipping so affordable would make other retailers jealous, because they arrived yesterday. lol
I hooked them up and listened for a little bit, can't really crank them properly until this weekend though, but the little I was able to do they sounded great and I can say they appear to be able to get much louder than I'd be able to even play them at inside my apartment anyway. I do need to experiment a bit with angling them, and might even get a proper set of stands for my desk if I do so they pitch upwards a bit at my ears but it isn't necessary. Also I went with the matte grey and man oh man I love that color. So understated but oh so perfect. They are DEFINITELY substantial. I was surprised by their weight, and the build quality is great.
Word of caution, be careful when removing them from the box and cloth bags, it would be very easy to push in the cones since they are exposed. I slipped and pushed on mine a little and I could feel it give but luckily I was being a bit careful anyway and the cone didn't deform (went right back to normal).
Feb 15, 2017
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