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Nov 27, 2017
hi! i got my z70 on the previous drop, and it's my daily driver (at work). while i *do* love it, i have 1 solid criticism: the spacebar split should really be squarely between the typist's thumbs when resting in the "home" position. this is how my _other_ daily driver (at home, now, a 20-year-old NMB "the right touch") is laid out, and it makes good sense.
i'm not the only one to raise this criticism, and it's not like i'm going to get rid of my z70 or anything, but i *do* wish the split was a bit more to the left.
i haven't had any of the issues others have reported with build quality, stabilizers, etc.--- just a nice, solid kbd, albeit one for which replacement caps are not very easy to source cheaply.
Nov 27, 2017
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