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Jun 22, 2016
In the quest of precision, we have developed a chronograph capable of measuring time to the 1/100th of second (hundredth of a second), which makes it one of the most precise timekeepers in the world.
Combining the traditional manufacturing techniques and new technologies, Axiom introduces the first worldwide Swiss-quartz complication movement with the hidden dual action, bi-directional hands, rotating date discs, switch-back function and perpetual calendar.
The hidden dual action enables easy transformation from a classical perpetual watch into a high precision chronograph, just by a simple touch of the crown. The switch-back function offers a possibility to switch from perpetual watch to a chronograph mode as many times as wanted without having a need to stop, reset or restart the chronograph.
Using the latest innovation in the watch industry, the bi-directional discs and hands, allow for clockwise and counter-clockwise movement of the hands. By having the hands rotate in both directions, the watch automatically selects the most optimal, shortest and fastest, distance to reach the chosen action.
The two discs (at 6 o`clock) indicate the date, while in the chronograph mode the discs indicate the exact timing to the hundredth of a second (1/100th SEC). The Axiom`s perpetual calendar is a fully automated calendar that will have to be adjusted only in the year 2099.
Jun 22, 2016
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