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Jan 3, 2014
Hey everyone,
We're experiencing problems with UPS' shipping updates across many of our December buys. I missed this thread, but I've been posting this to most of the December buys:
We are absolutely sending UPS a lot of angry emails, and don't have a definitive answer from them just yet. There's around 500 packages that we shipped out during December 15-20th that are currently stuck in "limbo". Some have been delivered, most have not, all are missing tracking info. We're taking this situation very seriously and we'll relay information as quickly as we get it. If we can get any money back from UPS, will certainly pass that on to members. We'll evaluate the situation --completely-- once the packages have all been delivered and then figure out the correct course of action.
I apologize for the oversight not posting this here earlier.
Jan 3, 2014
Jan 3, 2014
As far as I'm concerned this has been one of the worst customer experiences I have EVER had purchasing through an online source. I have been following the posts on this website closely since my purchase was made back in Dec. 14 and I have to say that the combination of disorganization (i.e., allowing purchases to be made after quota was overly exceeded), prevarication (i.e., GUARANTEED item before Christmas especially since I was well under the quota at position 262) and lack of transparency (i.e., it took 13 days for anyone at Massdrop to deem it worthwhile to to give an update on this item) has made me question the future viability of this company.
On top of this, I hope Massdrop can clarify a couple things without having to wait another 13 days to answer: - Why are there packages with missing tracking info? It would seem unfathomable that packages would be shipped during one of the busiest holiday seasons without tracking info.
- From your update above you said, "IF we can get any money back from UPS, [we] will certainly pass that on to members." Please clarify how you plan on providing compensation if any back to members.
Jan 3, 2014
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