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Sep 18, 2017
This is a good bottle. I have one.
Just some insight into where this bottle is useful, based on using it for a while:
I think the real value of this kind of bottle is if you are sharing the drink among two or more people. It keeps the drink clean.
If you are just using it by yourself, I find that getting an appropriately sized flip top travel mug (from Nissan, Zojirushi, Tiger, etc.) is a much more practical solution.
When I was using this type of insulated bottle, I found I would not drink from it as much as I should have. Simply because it's a little fiddly and time consuming to take it out, unscrew the cap, pour the drink, drink, clean the cup before recapping (to avoid spillage from residual drink in the cup from dripping onto the inside of your pack), etc.
If it's just you drinking from the vessel, it's much more convenient to just pop the flip top of an insulated mug, take a sip, flip it closed again, and pop it in your bag. You can do this with one hand in most cases.
In contrast, you would need to stop to take a drink break, using both hands to open and pour, etc., with the insulated bottle.
But if you are serving more than one person, the insulated bottle will keep the drink uncontaminated from others' lips.
However, if you do share, the amount this bottle holds is not that much when split among two or more people.
But if it fits your needs, it's a good performing bottle.
Sep 18, 2017
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