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Dec 12, 2018
I'm fairly new to Massdrop, but outside two great deals on a couple of Mystery Ranch backpacks, most other drops have been a major disappointment. This one included. A lot of "deals" like this one where you save $2 and have a 30 day wait in exchange for such a great savings. There was a drop for beanies from American Benchcraft, where it was cheaper to order directly from their website with a widely available coupon code, without the 3 week wait. When I pointed that out in the discussion, somebody from American Benchcraft went out of there way to reply and say I was wrong, and the coupon code didn't work on the beanie, even though it worked in the cart on their website, all the way to the final "submit order" step. Do people fall for these crappy drops because it makes them feel "part of something", or they're in some secret purchasing club?
Dec 12, 2018
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