Zombie Kitty by Kaman WilIiam x ToyZeroPlus
Zombie Kitty by Kaman WilIiam x ToyZeroPlus
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Product Description
Created by Kaman William, a Hong Kong–based artist, graphic designer, and video game illustrator, the Zombie Kitty is a physical representation of his creative mind at work. Drawing inspiration from his work in 3D animation, the figure depicts a kitty turned zombie with rotting teeth, glazed-over eyes, and sallow green skin Read More

Oct 25, 2017
$84.99!? 6.5 Inches!?
I can get an 11 inch tall official Overwatch statue for $150.
I looked over Kaman's deviantart and there are much more appealing characters than this one. Maybe that price for a gorgeous fairy girl, but not this. I can't imagine being able to convince anyone two years down the line when you're selling it off to make shelf space that it is worth 84.99. Brand new I would consider selling this in my store for $19.99. But even then, who would want it?
Hate being critical, but sometimes this site just has the most unusual prices for items without reason.
Oct 25, 2017
Ok. Now I think we can do something. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/rainie-and-friends-by-toyzeroplus Get that. Get this. Make this chase that. Done.
Seriously. This zombie is nasty. Love the detail. But I just don't see the kitty part. Like at all. Who cares. The zombie part is all that matters and that is wicked.