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Dec 5, 2021
I wonder why dead encryption went SA. Beautiful set but SA is a bit too tall for me.
Dec 3, 2021
"Cherry MX switches are soldered in to provide a satisfying, precise feel" I don't think I have ever seen a keyboard description this creative to sell a non-hotswap board as a GOOD thing. Honestly would have ordered if it were hotswap.
Dec 3, 2021
Again, no non-scooped F & J? And no alternative scooped keycaps such as H, U, N, T, A? I wonder if Dvorak/Colemak/Workman user base is really small, or they don't buy keycaps with (correct) legend? It is frustrating that many key sets could have much more layout customizability by offering just a little more.
Dec 3, 2021
What’s festive about the all brown key? Is that Mr Hankey?
Dec 1, 2021
question will they all be centered? was interested in la ofrenda design but found out its not centered
Dec 2, 2021
Really bummed out that this is in OEM profile instead of Cherry Profile. Will there be a Cherry Profile version by any chance?
Nov 29, 2021
Please either get rid of the eye of Sauron white symbol or at least rotate it 90 degrees so it would actually look like an eye instead of a vagina.
Nov 28, 2021
No Durin's Forge, no deal. Same for the Elvish set. They should have made the extras add on only, and then if some are left or more are made, make them available as a separate purchase. This way, the cool extras that sell the sets are gone very early in the drop, in both this and the Elvish set. They may or may not get restocked. Really disappointing...
Nov 27, 2021
Can we please get a update? Will novelties and other kits ever get restocked? Or will it just be the base sets from now on?
Nov 27, 2021
Please restock Pulse Micons, Novelties, Keyluminatti, and Mini Bars!
Nov 28, 2021
Another MT3 set in PBT is nice, however with no ergo kit my interest in the set is killed. Matt3o wanted to make it too.
Nov 27, 2021
Have two of this macropads (bought them directly from their Russian site). The quality is amazing and works with qmk and VIA.
Nov 28, 2021
Beautiful board. But $100 for an ABS case and no hotswap? Swing and a miss.
Nov 24, 2021
Whoever designed this is an awesome artist. All designs are really interesting.
Any chances of an Autumn or Evenstar restock? Sold out with a month to go sucks!
Nov 23, 2021
If this is a GB, why are some sets sold out already?
Nov 23, 2021
I'll mirror the other comments asking for the ergodox kit. The dev/tty ergo kit was the best & most complete ergo kit of any of the MT3 sets past or present imo. Without it this set simply doesn't interest me. The same goes for any future MT3 sets. No ergo kit is a total dealbreaker.
Nov 21, 2021
I hope Durin's Forge gets restocked, I came home today excited to buy it along with the set, only to see that it got sold out. :/
Nov 19, 2021
The biggest suggestion I have here is remove the white glyphs from the Lava and Stream styles. Sometimes less is more. The overall vibe of these artisan keycaps feels cheapened by their implementation. Even if the eye was turned sideways to be more accurate, I still think the Lava cap would look nicer without it. Capture the moment, and focus on making the lava/magma pop (I've seen other artisan makers do 'lava'/'fire' a little bit better than what I can see in these photos). Similarly with the Stream, it would be far better without the sword. It would capture the tranquil beauty of nature/water, juxtaposed by the dangerous ring awaiting in the stream, waiting to be found. Bonus if you make the grey rock look a bit closer to the top half of a grey skull, to hint at the death that surrounds the rings' lore/power. The forest ring is the only style I feel that is acceptable with the white script. I do wish there was a touch more organic detail in the scene (not too much, like a bit more green, like a fallen leaf or shroom/flower) to add a bit more vitality, because all I see is wood and moss. The way the branches end also seems incomplete (hollow and washed out), making them resemble look more like coral than branches/roots. Perhaps this can be masked a bit better, and with less colour loss. I guess you could partly rationalise that the ring cause decay around it or something, but I do feel darker brown wood tones would make the whole artisan look a bit more 'natural'.
Nov 18, 2021
wait, what? is autumn in rivendell already sold out?
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