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Drop, why send me a mail that Carbon is back on the site, when only the ergodox kit is the only one in stock?
Well, after some consideration, I've decided to cancel that. There were rumors that SP is going to have original in stock, so I'll stick to that one. Lack of respect for community opinion should not be tolerated.
Jan 19, 2022
Even though I will buy the MT3 RETRO, I am more interested in the SP SA RETRO, especially the PetscII kit, even after all these years, I would like to see it reboot again!!
Jan 19, 2022
Will Xtra Kit, Dual Alphas, Numpad Kit, Grey Spacekeys, 6.25 spacebars and Bones Numpad kits be restocked later on? They weren’t restocked in todays limited drop.
Jan 19, 2022
Waiting for the full brown option to appear. No point in buying the base set the way it is now. The idea of adding options according to the success of current options makes no sense to me. Add the fully brown base set please and then take my money :)
Jan 19, 2022
I've said it in a thread, but I'll say it in a top level, too: Saying there is hope is just coping. If Drop were actually interested in making full brown kits if the base kit sold, they would have done it by setting a MOQ like literally every other keycap set GB does. Telling people to buy the base kit is a ploy.
Jan 19, 2022
so for those brown modifiers die-hards, guess you gotta show Drop the money by buying the other kits first
Jan 18, 2022
I had really high hopes for this. Of all the sets Drop has announced over the past few months, this was the one I was waiting for. It could have been my dream set. But there's just so much wrong. The limited MT3 kitting means I'm making sacrifices from the get-go, so the rest of the set really has to be perfect. And it isn't. There's no C= logo key. The colors here are just... weird. Like I said in another post, it's like saying you're inspired by a Dasher terminal, and then making the mods yellow; nothing about this aside from the PETSCII art says "inspired by a Commodore." I don't mind in and of itself that the PETSCII is inaccurate (the ASCII on Oblivion is also wrong and never corrected), but all of this taken together - the colors, lack of a logo key, the limited kitting, the inaccuracies - means accepting too many compromises for the price. I had wanted to buy every kit I could for the most authentic retro keyboard I could build, but I think this is going to be a pass instead. I'm torn, because I really do want at least the alphas, but there's no way I could really use them without decent-looking mods. And I feel like if I keep making all these compromises when I buy from Drop, things will just never change.
Jan 18, 2022
I'll add to the requests for an R5 bottom row, can't use R4 mods as they are so uncomfortable.
Jan 18, 2022
i don't understand what burgundy and green have to do with a C64. if you need mods a different color from the alphas, they should be gray.
Jan 19, 2022
So this gets quite challenging because every set i like has no NorDE support. And as everytime i'm in this situation: I denounce the lack of NorDE support! Why do you hate us Drop? Why are we damned to not have those fancy things? I'm sure that if there were more NorDE kits out there more people would buy them. This market is starting to boom here where i live. You are loosing sales volume!
Jan 18, 2022
I'm once again asking for R5 bottom row and accurate legends. Much like the disappointing MT3 LotR keycaps, I'm the perfect customer persona for this. I have several keyboards using C64 keycaps with MX adapters. My love of vintage IBM and C64 keycaps is probably the primary reason I got into the MT3 profile in the first place. I backed MT3 Susuwatari because the renders originally made it look like a C64 colorway (this is a chance to make that right). I really hope this was a genuine effort to understand the needs of the enthusiast and not just a marketing gimick. All we're asking for is accurate caps that don't hurt to use and match your keyboards that you sell. At this time the super majority of comments are asking for proper (R5) Ortho/Ergo support. If we can explain, demo, or help, ask the community.
Jan 18, 2022
Pretty please make a R5 bottom row set of ABS molds. I just can't buy anymore ABS MT3 sets when the bottom row feels so awful on Ortho. I still use my amazing PBT sets (dev/tty, godspeed and extended 2048) and it suuuucks to have to skip LotR, this set and all the other cool ones for lack of a comfortable bottom row
Jan 19, 2022
Thank God drop only sells keycaps sets on trashy inferior ABS plastic. Otherwise they'd regularly get a chunk of my paycheck with each release. Reddit has ruined the mechanical keyboard market. Collectively we used to appreciate quality plastics that can survive contact with human skin. Human skin oil is an ABS solvent. The makers save like 30 cents a set using inferior plastics like ABT because they come out of the mold at a slightly higher rate without issues. Stop paying so much for inferior keycaps so the market can return to sanity.
Jan 18, 2022
This is something we waited for loooong time, like 10 years or so. It must be done correctly: -- Commodore logo is a MUST, Amiga can be in Novelties kit as its not Amiga set -- correct colors - both brown and burgundy. Remember SA Chocolatier? Nice deep brown was nice there. -- PETSCII - you added it, so perfect as it was a must as well -- full brown set could be an option, with beige F row, like on one of the C64 versions Those colors on renders are definitely too dark or need to be re-done, hard to say. Either way I would suggest brown color from SA Chocolatier, burgundy - we have to work on that one :)
Jan 18, 2022
No Colverak kit is a no buy for me. Too bad, I otherwise like the set for the most part, although I echo some of the other comments about the ortho bottom row.
Jan 18, 2022
This thing screams quality, my goodness. It has a lot of weight to it, but in a nice manner. It stays precisely where I want it to, has fantastic sound, is simple to use, and looks great. I really like how the type-C connector is on both sides. If I had one complaint, it would be that the light bar around the edge does not produce completely consistent light, but this isn't something that bothers me. Keep that in mind at all times. In any case, 5 out of 5! review video
Jan 16, 2022
Yet another JWK variant? Don't get me wrong, I love the couple sets of Durock that I own. However there are now so many variants with little information upon them.
Jan 14, 2022
If the render is correct, the left PETSCII symbol on the M key is incorrect. It's flipped horizontally.
Jan 14, 2022
Am I missing something? $100 for non-hot swap, cherry switches, and not even a built in battery seems a bit expensive Edit: it comes with a wrist rest...
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