Getting some clues about $5 Monk Plus?

$4.99 Monk Plus successfully launched Massdrop a couple of days ago. As a Massdrop fan, you may have the following question: What is Monk Plus?

Ask Brooko, one of the head-fiers, and you’ll get some clues.
Pros: Sound quality, build quality, visual appeal, open sound, value, channel matching, ability to change signature with covers
Cons: L/R markings hard to see, 2-3 kHz peak (can be sharp with vocals)”,
POWER REQUIREMENTS: The Monk Plus are 64 ohms, but with their sensitivity of 112 dB they can actually be driven well out of most portable devices without the need for any further amplification. Saying that though, I did enjoy the Monk Plus immensely with the FiiO X1 paired with Martin's Hybrid Valve Amp – especially with a little cut to the mid-bass”,
SOUND QUALITY:…For my testing I used the FiiO X3ii, no EQ, low gain, ...
Overall Detail / Clarity
  • Reasonable balance with heightened mid-bass
  • Relatively good detail retrieval although sometimes slightly overshadowed by the mid-bass
  • Cymbals have reasonable presence and decay
  • Guitar can be slightly sharp with the upper-mid boost
Sound-stage & Imaging (+ Sibilance)
  • Quite open sounding
  • Good sense of width and projection is just out of head
  • Not a huge amount of overall depth – could be the heightened early upper-mid bump.
  • Imaging is very good and separation of instruments is far better than its very low cost would indicate
  • Immersion is good (applause section of Dante's Prayer) with impression that crowd is around you. This is continued with the holographic presentation of “Let It Rain”
  • Overall I would all the staging as open, but realistic and slightly intimate rather than expansive.
  • Sibilance is revealed in “Let It Rain” - but not magnified
--from VE Monk Plus – Practically Unbeatable Value, by Brooko@head-fi


--from VE Monk Plus – Practically Unbeatable Value, by Brooko@head-fi

Besides, DJScope@head-fi shared his mixed feeling weeks ago:
“I got the VE Monk randomly with a review sample of the VE Duke IEM and the VE RUNABOUT portable amplifier. Inside the package was this very plain looking earbud which I didn't even look twice at. I simply picked up the ziplock bag it came in and lobbed it into a drawer, and never thought of it until today…",
" …What I got is this wonderfully open, natural and organic sound signature with a very natural and effortless soundstage and imaging. Sound performance that I've not experienced before in an earbud. So then I went asking around. And to my absolutely surprise, I find out that these VE Monks are worth 5 freakin' dollars. $5?... $5????? $5?????????????????????????????????????????",
"This just might be the best value for money earphone/IEM/headphone that has been ever made. For $5, you cannot deny this statement. I own it! I'm actually considering going out and trademarking this statement. But seriously, this is absolute madness!
--from Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!, by DJScope@head-fi
Maybe you are still figuring out whether it’ll be your cup of tea. Don’t stop exploring, gals and dudes. Let’s talk about Monk Plus and share what we know. One thing I can say for sure is that we'll definitely go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep into the holes for more details.

Don't even think twice about getting the Monk+. It's a wonderful earbud. Brooko and the rest of those who have reviewed it will attest to that. I currently have both the original Monk and Monk+ and am routinely stunned at the quality of sound you can get for $5.
I ordered the Monk+ with the Expansion package from Lee's store, so yeah, I gots me all the accessories :D A trillion foams, rubber o-rings, ear hooks, the works. Mind you, I don't really use any of them except the red/blue foams, but at least I've got them, haha. Kinda bummed I passed on getting a sweet pair of red Monk+, but maybe they'll reappear on another drop somewhere down the line.
I hope you enjoy them too. Cheers!
Jun 12, 2016
Wanna nick your ear hooks, dude ;) for I just put the Asura on before sleep. Guess they'll fit much better with the hooks.
Jun 10, 2016
Huh, I've never heard of Venture Electronics. How long has the Monk Plus been out? Does it come with those red foamies? Because if so, it already has one up over Apple buds in my mind ( besides being 1/6 of the price).
Jun 12, 2016
Of course coming with the red foams and blue ones, once they're on the parts list as below: Included Assorted foam earbud covers (blue and red) Besides, I got an email by Massdrop. It says this batch of Monk Plus will be arriving at Massdrop's New Jersey warehouse around 6/13 (Pacific Time ). These earbuds will be sent to the group buyers on 6/24. So, it's time to get another email about whether Massdrop has received this batch.
Jun 3, 2016
For more accessories to get the best fit, ask Wild Lee.