SennheiserXMassdrop HD58x Demo

here is a little demo with the demo head I made from scratch. for those of you that know me, you know I am known for this awesome dummy head that is surprisingly more accurate. Got a lot of request to start putting out demo videos. BUT hey, if you are a stronger believer that youtube demos are pointless, no worries, we all have our beliefs.
Disclaimer: I am not claiming my demos are able to capture 100 percent of what the headphones are like. But I am claiming that it is my innovation from scratch and I am proud of it. And I am also claiming that it is the closest thing to a real demo that you can find online
Also for those people that may question "if I am listening with my headphones, would it not just sound like my headphones"
LEGIT question. Let me answer that with my theory. If you are very well aware of what your headphone sounds like, then you can certainly decipher from what the original song sounds like vs this recording (example; more bass on the recording compared to original track)
----> Because I certainly can
Anyways, really excited about this one. Enjoy



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