Oct 4, 201889 views

Headphone/ iem cable with inline DAC for mobile phones ??

So I'm awaiting my massdrop plus but given the possible complete demise of headphone jacks I was wondering is there is an USB c/lightning cable with inline DAC solution for mobile phones ...better yet ones that are compatible with iem connections (2pin or mmcx)

I don't even know any cables that has inline dac... I am new though so ya know.
You know all those new phones without a headphone jack ? So they can only either output sound via Bluetooth or via the usb port. Either ways its digital. So the dongles that come along ...theyre all tiny DACs converting that digital signal to analogue for the headphone jack. Im sure some are better than others ..I'm just wondering if anyone knows which ones. Also Shure has come out with an iem cable that connects to lightning and has a DAC built into the wire...so no dongles required ! But they connect using mmcx connectors...
ohhh ok. I didn't know that. I have the Galaxy S9 so I don't need that adaptors. It make sense though now that you said that.