my PCB came broken

I just got my alt board my holy panda switches and keycaps I put the switches and keycaps on and tried to get to typing when I discovered some of my keys were not responding and I took it apart to find some of my sockets completely off the PCB I don't know where to go to get this issue fixed I'm not happy with the product quality after paying 270 dollars to have a broken PCB.

Jan 8, 2022
DMS made a video recently saying that there was a lot of missing solder on the PCB.
Dec 30, 2021
I would contact Drop technical support ASAP. They're excellent at resolving this kind of thing. What happens sometimes is the switches themselves on top of the plate end up applying a lot of pressure to the PCB underneath. When the solder is delicate, that's when the sockets can come off. Repeated removal of the switches can cause this as well, so if this was your first time putting switches in and ended up with bent pins you needed to change, it could have contributed to it. This isn't your fault - this is usually an issue of weak soldering. However, it's not unfixable - I would have Drop work on it, though, instead of doing it yourself. I experienced this with two different keyboard brands, Drop and Akko with the Kailh box jade switches, which are incredibly tight within the entry slot. Drop immediately had me send it back and they replaced it, and while it took time for it to come back to me, I'd rather that Drop provide a fixed product than me going and soldering a $270 board. Akko has been a bit more difficult, though I don't think that's any fault of their own...they sent me a new PCB, but it ended up being faulty on arrival. I'm going through the Drop process with them this time 'round. Best of luck!