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Focal Elegia Closed-Back Headphone

I have no clue how these flew under the radar but I had an ad pop-up advertising this new headphone. I haven't been able to find a ton of info on it but apparently it's already on sale: https://www.moon-audio.com/focal-elegia-headphones.html. I don't know what other shops are selling this but there are TONS of pictures here.
If this sounds like a closed-back version of the Clear (this is using the copper voice coil), I think I'll be in heaven. They also come with the Focal hard case and the pad design looks different compared to current offerings.
Color me excited.
EDIT: Just found measurements and I like what I see: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/focal-elegia-measurements.890447/
Focal finally updated their website too: https://www.focal.com/en/headphones-0/headphones/home/elegia
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Just got my Elegias from https://www.headphone.com/ and they deserve some love for this deal. I saw an email a day or two after I ordered them indicating an open box special for $150 off. I pinged them and asked if they would change the order for the open box since they hadn't shipped yet. To limit confusion and issues on their side, rather than trying to figure out how to change the order, they just gave me $100 off my brand new pair. Now that's customer service! Now I gotta express my love for Elegia. The best way I can describe them is that everything just sounds right. That's not a comment I'll make about closed cans often or lightly. These things are amazing! I was running through my typical test tracks and hit Billie Jean and then it hit me: I'm in love with these cans! Queuing up some Marvin Gaye and Barry White now! Time for an evening (afternoon) of audio romance. Only point of concern is that I'm hearing center just off to the left. Anyone else had this experience? Not sure if it's worth making a stink and dealing with the RMA process over...
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This is true but having such similar serial numbers makes it seem less coincidental to me. They aren't assigned randomly. I've contacted headphone.com about the defective cans. Hopefully I'll be able to manage both this RMA and a cross-country move at the same time...
Had similar experience with headphones.com / headphone.com ; Really great customer service. Debating a pair of Elegia now to go with my Clears.
Anyone know of any black friday deals that I could leverage to get a set of these? I'll probably get a set anyway, but I'd like to save a couple bucks if I can.
Unless you can find a 2nd hand set, you may be SOL. They're still very new and I haven't seen the pricing drop whatsoever. I always use this site for tracking prices from online vendors so I would bookmark this site: https://camelcamelcamel.com/Focal-Audiophile-Circum-Aural-Closed-Back-Headphones/product/B07J5MDMTQ?context=search and/or setup a Google alert for Elegia and Price Drop.
I'll probably swing by my LSS on Friday and give them another listen first, then grab them. I think that's the most likely way I'll get any sort of black friday deal. Not necessarily expecting a 2nd hand set to be available yet. Just hoping there's something out there that someone knows that can keep me from having to leave my house on that awful day.
@jaydunndiddit have you made your mind whether you'll keep it? Funny thing is now that I sent them back for replacement, keep finding myself trying to grab them off my desk -- so I guess that's a good sign :)
Oh, they're keepers. I was quite literally given chills (roughly 2:00 and 7:00 mark) when listening to Jill Scott hit her notes in a live rendition of one of my favorite songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZwBhkeQUQg
I don't take that lightly as that's a response that I've never experienced before. For me, there's no greater sign than that.

The only other headphone to elicits such a response for me were the Elex and the Atlas. To say the least, I am going through my inventory now and cleaning house as for once, I feel satisfied with everything I own and beyond some stupid expensive TOTL sets (Utopia, TH900 mkII, LCD-XC, etc.) that I am planning to pick up in the future. Now, just a matter of plunking down the coins for the iFi Pro iDSD and I think I'm going to be settled for a while. Unless Campfire or Focal drop something unexpected that I can't live without.
Yeah, they're def keepers for me as well. Even with the slight driver imbalance they had such crispy and whispy tone to them that I just don't get from the NightOwl. So I feel they complement each other very nicely. All I need now is a good clean, balanced DAC to match with the THX AAA 789 (not super excited about the Grace balanced as it seems the balanced aspect was an after-thought). Otherwise much in the same situation of "set for now unless..." :)
I forked $ yesterday on the Elegia on headphones.com (which also has them in stock). Truly excited about these cans. If I keep them they'll be the beginning of a long plateau for me in terms of headphones.
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Hoping they'll be here by the weekend (paid a bit extra for priority shipping). I sort of wrote off the CX (for now) given delivery dates. If the Elegia deliver sound in the way I'm hoping, I'll stop the free fall down the rabbit hole for a while. This is super hard on the wallet and I'm pretty sure our financial planner will flip out on our next appointment.
I just bought my financial planner additional Cello lessons and possibly her own instrument (renting one currently). To say the least, she is quite distracted from other monies I am spending hahah. Well, at least for the moment...
Im glad I didn't pick up the focal elear because it would have the same color contrast as the focal elegia. I love the black stealthy look to my focal elex. Both focals will pop in my collection. =) very different in sound sig, color, drivers and closed/opened . The pics looks like plastic cups. lol I cant wait to see this in person.
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It also sounds good. A lot of good sounding headphones dont look great for expensive headphones.
Okay, in that case, I think you made a wise decision!
Dammit! More cans that I MUST buy. I felt exactly the same as you when I saw these pop up on Reddit. It’s great to have a closed option. I don’t care how big the cups and band, these will be an incredible portable option.
The Elegia looks like the closed equivalent of the Elear, in terms of tuning and price point. I hope Focal will intoduce a closed back equivalent to the Clear at some point. I just love those....
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here's the link Jude shows pics of new focal elegia driver even though its the same size of elear and clear. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/focal-elegia-what-do-you-think.890031/page-3
OK. I have to say it. Saw the little "bug" moving on your image and kept trying to kill it with my finger.
You are cruel, so cruel...
I was able to listen to the Elegia at the RMAF and oh boy are they good! At first I didn't even realize they were closed-back. I would say that the soundstage is 1.5x to 2x the size of the Elex for those that have had a chance to try out the Elex, and very good positioning. The bass still seems to have a slight boost to it (above neutral), but I won't hold that against them. These have definitely made it on my "want to buy" list... 2nd on it actually, so I will probably have a pair within the next few months :)
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I don't have too much more insight on them as I only got to play with them for ~20 minutes, but I would say that the main things for me are the larger sound stage, the closed back, and the still superb audio quality. I have a feeling they will work pretty well for gaming.
I sadly didn't have my Elex with me to do a side-by-side at the show; but as with you, the Elex are currently my favorite headphone by a large margin, and personally my only major complaint on the Elex is the sound stage not being as large as I would like.
I would also say that the sound was more "rich" with the Elegia, but I have a feeling that was because it was hooked up to a far more expensive AMP/DAC combination (the Questyle CMA 800R and Questyle CAS 192D) than what I am running at home (Schiit Magni/Modi), so there may have been some character given to the music by them.
Understandable. Thanks for your insight nonetheless. It still has my excitement level pretty high for my new "toy."
Elear now on SALE at MOON AUDIO for $700 was $999.
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Ugh, don't tempt me further, hahaha. Between the Elegia and Ether CX, there's no way I could justify another grand to the wife. She's understanding but not THAT understanding lol.
Used ones go for $400-500. While I love their bass presentation, the Elear has a tuning issue I can't get over - their wonky highs with hyper presentation of detail is just too much and really bothersome to me [and that is with my warm/smooth leaning DAC and amp setup being used: Gustard X20U DAC and modded H10 amp]. A friend let me borrow his Elear for an extended time, so I had over a full month audition with them putting a hundred+ hours through them. They are also one of the most fatguing headphones I've listened to - literally got headaches from listening to them for extended periods. While the pads are fine, the headband putting pressure on the top of my head that makes them particularly uncomfortable and probably the main factor in the headaches.
The Clears are a noticeably better headphone from a very recent meet experience (being able to use them on the same setup I had when listening to the Elears), both an improvment in headband comfort (minor) and sound quality (major) - enjoyment of music is almost on par with my STAX L300 Limited setup. The Elegia looks interesting, especially with its comparison to the Clears.
Very interesting! Why did this show up out of the blue?
Apparently Focal wanted to keep it hush hush prior to RMAF. Only a few shops got product in prior to their release. I just ordered a pair that was "in stock" so let's hope they ship on Monday. Otherwise, all other vendors aren't shipping until around November 10th.
Certainly has potential. Focal has learned a lot since the Utopia/Elear. I can't imagine this being bad.