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Sennheiser HD 6xx

Is this headphone coming on massdrop again?
bradymank and AMS1997

Forget that. We need a HD 8xx drop. Seriously.
How many people have a pair of 600s or 650s already?
I missed to own HD-6xx (just like it because of jack connection). Disappointed on their team for not delivering.
I've owned my HD600s for about half a year, never knew about the drop. I heard it was a killer deal, though. I paid around $280ish for my 600s. If they could do a massdrop version of the HD 800s I would buy it 110%.
hope their website and warehouse can handle the demand.
You better don't have it. Seriously, from the day I got it, it's like 99% of my home time, it sits over my ears. My girlfriend already started complaining about it. It can seriously damage your relationships.
I'm really hoping it does. I didn't get a chance to pick it up the first time around.
Almost certainly.
When is that?