Oct 6, 201869 views

Best headphones under 300$?

Im looking for a good pair of headphones. I have already a pair of Dt 770 pro and i need your suggestions. Best headphones under 300$ on this website..

i drive drive my hd6xx music from imac thru FX audio dac6 to toshiba stereo graphic equalizer then to emotiva A-100 amp....watching a concert its you’re in it....hd 6xx comes alive...
Depends on your preference I guess. I recommend the HD58X (or the HD6XX if you meet amping requirements) as damien_chung suggested for all round music appreciation, the HE4XX for planar slam, the K7XX if you like a distant and expansive soundstage, and the Thinksound On2 if you want a foldable set for use on the go (the new Meze 99 Noir for a warm sounding, over-ears portable)
HD58x, HD6xx