Oct 7, 2018

Inexpensive Classical Vinyl

I don't get the sense that there are a ton of classical fans out there in Massdrop land, but just thought I'd share some of my success in building that side of my vinyl collection inexpensively, in the event it might give others some ideas.
Classical is not my main genre, but I do enjoy it when reading or relaxing, and can definitely appreciate the music itself. If you have a local thrift store (e.g,, Salvation Army, Habitat Re-Store, Goodwill, etc.) I've found that you can have much better luck finding good classical records than other genres (although I've made a few good rock pickups as well). For example, this is a stash I found at a Goodwill today, while waiting for my daughter to get out of practice.
This has been one of my best hauls so far. FWIW, that Bernstein box set of Beethoven symphonies, which looks like it's never been played, is selling for about $150 on Amazon. My cost? $0.49. My cost for this whole lot was about $14.
That's an extreme example, but if you have a treasure hunting mindset, you know what you're looking for, and you know how to inspect a record, you can build a solid classical collection on the cheap.
jaydunndiddit, Athtel, and 1 other

I’m building my classical collection the same way. I haven’t had too much luck at getting them for under $3, but I’m working on the same principle.
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Bummer about the fire. I don't have an antique malls near me, but I've been in enough to know that must have been a heck of a fire, and a lot of loss. I'm going to have to check the used book stores near me, wouldn't have even thought of it. Thanks for the idea.
Brilliant. Hadn't thought about that, although several of the albums I've picked up have library sleeves on them. Should have put two and two together. Thanks for the tip!