Oct 7, 2018

What earphones should I get ?

My budget is $100 to $170.
I like a bit more bass and mid.
I also want a product that is worth the price.
I have used shure se315 , 1 more with three drivers and sony n3ap
I have broke the shure's. Lost my sony's and someone have stolen my 1 more's.
I am now using some crappy cheap one and it is killing my ears.
Pls help me!!!!

You can try the GR07 37 Anniversary Edition. It has the bass and the mids, with treble dialed back
Edit: A more cost effective option would be to get a Fiio F5, and use the cable of the Tin Audio T2 on it with Dunu Titan red bore eartips. Sounds crazy good for the price, and matches the signature you described