Oct 7, 2018158 views

Ostry KC07

Has anyone tried it? Interesting to see it's more costly than the KC09. I'm guessing it will be a direct improvement on the KC06 and KC06A

Weird enough, KC07 is actually the flagship product for Ostry despite "7<9". I have tried it in a local shop with Sony ZX300 dap w/w.o. Pha3 DAC/Amp. It's definitely an improvement over KC09. I have never personally listened to KC06 or 06A, but from what I heard, even KC09 is better than KC06.
Interesting! I have the KC06A and KC09, and this KC07 is dropping now. Talk about temptation HAHA
I used to have KC09 too but sold it to a friend. After trying KC07 out, I am so joining this drop. Beats my Sony XBA-N3AP. It's a 5 day drop. I hope it will happen.