What are some good switches to play around with

Hello all, I've developed an interest in mechanical keyboards and over the past few years have acquired a three Drop CTRLs and one Drop ALT. I've also acquired a few sets of switches and keycaps. Between these four and other "conventional" soldered keyboards I have the following switches: Cherry Blue Cherry Brown Cherry Silent Red (lubed - so silent) Holy Pandas (lubed and not lubed) I've also got a set of Novelkeys Sherbets on the way. I'm trying to decide what are some additional switches that would be fun to play with. I even purchased the KBDFans switch tester with 72 switches, but most of those are the older more traditional ones. What switches does the community recommend to play around with? All thoughts (and reasons) are welcome. Izkiel

Jan 4, 2022
on my daily driver, I use gateron milky yellows there really good, and they're pretty cheap so you won't be wasting too much money if you don't like them.
Thanks for the milky yellow recommendation. I can give those a try. I am thinking of buying a few additional sets to play around with. I'm intrigued by the Zeal Clickiez, but they are very expensive ($117 for 90!). Looking at other possibilities like the White Owl. *sigh* Too many choices, and a lot of them are crap. Looking to avoid the crap ones.
Jan 5, 2022
Yeah I have to agree with you there are a ton of options.
Why three crtls bro u could have bought a fijell 🥲