Drop x Sennheiser HE 0X Electrostatic System

Lets make this happen, a baby Orpheus for the modern audiophile world. We have the Sennheiser HE 1, but no other electrostatic from the company for the audiophile that's looking for the Sennheiser sound at an (way more) accesible price. The system should be based on the HE 60 project, an electrostatic with price-consciousness in mind, as the then HE 90 (Orpheus) was too expensive just as the HE 1 is actually. And just like the 600 series it should have a good build quality but using the famous plastic that Sennheiser is known for, which we still have from the 580 Precision and it is still rock solid. And most importantly, great sound quality paired with an energizer that can deliver (more than) enough power to drive the electrostatic driver. I would suggest the name to be HE 0X (Zero X), as it's a baby HE 1 and an 'X' has always trailed on Massdrop x Sennheiser collaborations. I had previously seen that Will from Collaborations said they had already pitched Sennheiser for the HE X0, which should be a HE 60 revival with a few tweaks. However, it would be very nice to have an energized rival, literally, as the HE 60 was often overlooked since the energizer was the weakest link on the system and a proper energizer should be fundamental on such a project. Finally, I guess it would be nice for it to be positioned over the Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X which has a price tag of $499.99, and it to stay around the $1000 (much better if below) sweet spot mark for the enthusiasts like us that have grabbed the HD 6XX and HD 58X. Such an ideal price could be reached as it was proposed before to use the headband and frame of previous collaborations, and maybe in this case the HD 58X black colorway might suit more the classic black/silver aesthetic in the original proposition. I'm adding a screenshot and image of the info that Will had posted on a comment on the Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X discussion.
And just a little update: We have green light here, thanks again to Will from collaborations! So lets endorse the project so Sennheiser takes it into consideration!


Dec 6, 2020
I would love to see the HE60 re-release happen. Many of us will never own an HE-1 because it's so incredibly out of reach, but, we would love to be able to have that experience of coming close to it in a more consumer friendly fashion. Lots of people dream of hearing or owning the HE-1 but it's not practical for most of the audiophile population. Instead of dreaming about it, I'd love for it to be a reality. There's no reason to keep the HE60 out of production when so many of us long to own a brand new pair. Lots of us would stand in line with our wallets at the ready to purchase this thing, so, I sincerely hope that it happens!
Jun 11, 2020
Hope Sennheiser will see the potential here, the electrostatic headphone (earphone) market needs a revival. I mean mostly what you can get is pretty expensive second hand devices or go the Stax route which is even more expensive (and sometimes cumbersome due to the Japanese electronic standards). Sennheiser can really herald in a new age of electrostatics, who knows they might even build in the energizers in the headphones themselves? One can dream though
Apr 27, 2020
I'm in.
Apr 26, 2020
I'm in, regardless of price.
Mar 30, 2020
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Jan 7, 2020
What did the original HE-60 cost? If the community would know and still back it then it should send a stronger meassage to massdrop.
Dec 29, 2019
Holding out hope this idea is not abandoned.
Dec 11, 2019
I would be very interested in this drop! I would love to add this to my current electrostatic collection of four Stax earspeakers. I have been contemplating the Koss ESP95X, but if this becomes active for the sub-$1000 price with energizer, I will be placing an order for these Senns. Thank you Massdrop and Sennheiser!
Dec 5, 2019
Take my money!
Nov 24, 2019
watching a video of Joshua Valour showing a pair of HE-60 that he is going to restore. He mentioned that despite that the HE-60 looks simular to the HD 600 lineup, the pads from the 600 lineup and the pads from the HE-60 uses a diffrent type of plastic clips to attatch. If massdrop would do a run would it be posible for them to make it so that the HE-60 uses pads from the HD 600 line for easier accessibility to spare pads?
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Jun 17, 2021