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AKG K712 Pro or K702?

Hello guys, I have just a little question. Would you prefer the Akg K712 Pro or the K701/702? I just want a Headphone for any kind of Music and competitive gaming (csgo). I know that the Akg K712 has a little bit smaller Soundstage, but is that a huge problem for Gaming? I mean I know that the K702 are better for gaming because the Soundstage, but I think I would miss the Bass a little bit. So the K712 are a warmer headphone and I know that but I'm looking for a Headphone which I can use for everything as an allrounder and which I can use to enjoy the Music! Just to relax and come down. I do not have a preferred music style. I hear everything from classic to Pop. Only not rock or Dubstep. My Problem is also that I can't get both and send one back because they cost a too much. Also I know that the K702 sounds more neutral but I don't know if that could be too boring? Some people say that the Soundstage on these sounds unrealistic because they are too wide and other People love this because they like this huge Soundstage more. Now I am in a really uncomfortable situation....
I know there isn't a true winner or loser, but what do you prefer?

Contrary bro,,,,,,,,,,,,,when it comes to soundstage this is AKG housename and the 712 amazing for music and gaming.
K712 Pro and K7xx are better. K702 is too bass anemic.
I had the K7xx the K712 pros in gaming pros has more detail you can hear footsteps so easy in them in my HD650 or K7xx you will miss it if you arent trying very hard to hear it. I guess the mids are more forward is what the audio crazies will say lol. Also on the K712 pros the soundstage is so large if there is a knock on the door in the audio it will scare you and you have to look in that direction because you think it came from inside your room.
I have found that K712 is more warmer than 7XX. 7XX has slightly sharper treble at the same time more extended bass. 7XX has more V shaped profile compare with more neutral K712. It gives me slightly sharper details in treble area, which some people may not like.
I Have Q701. 7XX, K712. I like 7XX more, because of bigger sound stage and bigger bass. 7XX sounds more sharper and detailed, compare with K712. Lets say: 7XX more closer to Q701, but with much bigger bass from all AKG 7 series.
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I have the K712pro and the HD58X. The K712 is indeed warmer than the previous K700 iterations, but I find it a little unengaging for music enjoyment- the sound lacks slightly in impact and body. I think the HD58X at its price is a very good alternative with the bass that you want as well
I had a brief time to listen to the K702 and K712 from a friend who owned both. So this is nowhere near an actual review or suggestion from me, please take it with grain of salt.
To me, for gaming and music, I very much instantly felt like I could live with senneheiser headphones like the 58x or 6xx, 650, 600, etc. I felt it was hard to go wrong as I tell in my review videos.
However K702 and K712, to me it was a good headphone but didn't do much for me in the short time I had with it. K702 was unrealistically wide and imaging dispersion was hard to pin point (perhaps because I was not used to the headphone). K712 was warmer in comarison like you said but nowhere near the warmth of a sennheiser.
I recommend trying a sennheiser if this is your first time.
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Personally. With the right amp, hd600 can be great headphones. And bass is plenty for me with a good amp but that can vary from person to person depending on how much bass is enough bass
Yes thats true, its just a personal opinion.