Keyboard Club dead?

I'm a bit puzzled by the Keyboard Club's silence for an extended period of time now. I believe the last update on the sets that Drop is working on was sometime in October and for Q1 there's still no updates. Maybe I'm inpatient, but when I signed up for the KCK I was hoping for it to be an opportunity to get more insights into what is being worked on and maybe get a sneak peek every once in a while. The pages for the pre-releases and the exclusives are still as empty as they were three months ago and not a whole lot other seems to be happening. And while I seem to be getting a large amount of Drop mails for audio products that I can't remember signing up for, the KBC newsletter seems to hit my inbox rather sporadically.

Jan 11, 2022
This is exactly why I haven't signed up for it yet, tho you get a discount on keyboard stuff? I have been buying a lot as of recently...
Yes yes, correct. The discounts keep coming, but, I mean, that's one aspect of the deal. While I was lucky and received discounts that made up for the signup costs, I was still expecting the communication part to be a lot richer. For example Drop launched MT3 Noctua recently, but no word on the Chromax variant. Only when I actively approached the designers discord I found out that it got kind of dismissed (for now?). It's a bit of a bummer that the club seems to have boiled down to what looks like a coupon code booklet.
I've certainly saved a lot of money from the club but also completely agree with @mrus