Retro Massdrop hiking shirt
I would like to see if there is an interest in asking Mountain Hardwear to re-create a retro REAL hiking shirt.
Background: I have been using a long sleeved MH Canyon shirt for about 10 years. It has maybe 1500 miles with no wear and 100% satisfaction. Fearing it might wear out, I bought a MH Canyon shirt about 5 years ago and, to my dismay, the cloth had a silky feel; I gave it away. Recently, I purchased the MH Canyon on the Drop to see what direction MH had taken.
Much disappointment: 1. The cloth has that same silky feel. Might be nice pajamas, but not for hiking. 2. The shirt is designed as a town shirt with no internal shoulder mesh and a side vent that is for appearance, not performance. 3. Now they have replaced buttons with snaps, with no chance of a field repair.
How can I go about displaying to the Outdoor community the features of a real hiking shirt? Then, if there is sufficient interest, approach MH about making a Massdrop retro hiking shirt?
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