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Oct 12, 2018
Maybe you'll want to ask within the discussion section of the Luxe iems about them. Regarding the budget earbuds, what's your budget? Lastly, due to possible confusion with the terms, do you mean iems like the Luxe or earbuds like the VE Monk Plus?
Oct 12, 2018
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So.. Is this same thing with Koss homepage's one? or can be attached on the other side? I'm considering to get this one but that photos from overview and reviews confusing me srsly
Jan 28, 2022
Product Question
Instead of headphones and a mic, could I connect two sets of headphones with this?
Jan 27, 2022
Product Question
Does this work for the Soundcore liberty pro 3’s?
Jan 27, 2022
Product Question
is this better than the singxer sa-1 and by how much
Jan 27, 2022
Product Question
What’s the difference sound wise between the add on pads?
Jan 27, 2022
Product Question
I have the Acoustic Research AR-E100 IEMs, what is the correct pin out for these? Sorry still new to IEMs and the audiophile world.
Jan 26, 2022
Product Question
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Hifiman HEX-4 x TOPPING NX1s
Sharing my current setup, I am planning to buy a HD6xx when it goes on sale. Do I need to also buy a dac/amp stack? And id yes, can you guys recommend a budget option? Thank you
Jan 26, 2022
Best AMP for HE6SE
Are there any recommended amps for HE6se under $1000?
Jan 25, 2022
Interest Checks
18 months later... Sounding better with every audition, they age better than wine. Best thing I ever did (audio-wise), so far...
Jan 24, 2022
How to Make Purchase for the Right Headset? Necessary Things to be Known Before
In current times of technology and advancement, each and everyone wants to look cool and funky. This is one of the most important reasons why people make purchases for headsets. This is not only purchased for the purpose of listening and work, most of the time it is purchased for looking funky and classy in between everyone. So, if you too are thinking to make a purchase for a headset then you have come to the right place. With the help of this post, you will get to know about ‘how to purchase the right headset’. Get deeper into the article and know everything that you need to, let’s start.
Jan 24, 2022
Drop take a break from drop headphones. I need a Drop dac that has one balanced output and one rca output. Drop also provide multibit or R2R dac with at least one balanced output and one rca output. Lastly Drop this is a hell merry of a wish but make a dac with one balanced and rca output 4 tube amp/preamp. Please provide all these amps have warranty plans to buy. THANKS AND HOPE THE BEST.
Jan 23, 2022
Community - Where's the BASS?
I'm a Not-so-silently suffering basshead looking for a closed back design set of cans to feed my continuing addiction. Are there any sub <$1000 recommendations for an audiophile-style open soundstage combined with the discernible PUNCH, RUMBLE. and THUMP my apparent disorder craves? Please open the discussion to DAC/Amp combinations, if fitting...
Jan 22, 2022
Any Audiophiles in Prague, Czech Republic?
Hi I am Eliot John I am into my 2nd year as a Headphone audiophile. I am looking for fellow people located in Prague. Please contact me. Also looking for a pair of AudioQuest Nighthawks, does anyone have them for Sale?
Jan 21, 2022