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AKG K712 or HD600/650/6XX

Hello, I have a little problem because I want to buy one of these Headphone and I dont know which one I have to pick. Would you prefer the Akg K712 Pro or the HD600/650/6XX ? I just want a Headphone for any kind of Music and competitive gaming (footsteps)(csgo). I know that the HD has a little bit smaller Soundstage, but is that a huge problem for Gaming? I mean I know that the K712 are better for gaming because the soundstage is huge. Also the K712 are a warmer headphone and I know that but I'm looking for a Headphone which I can use for everything as an allrounder and which I can use to enjoy the Music! Just to relax and come down. Not to mix Music. I do not have a preferred music style. I hear everything from classic to Pop. Only not rock or Dubstep. My Problem is also that I can't get all of these, keep one and send the other Headphones back because they cost a too much. Also I know that the HD600 sounds more neutral/flat but I don't know if that could be too boring? (In Gaming)
Now I am in a really uncomfortable situation.... So Now I need your advice guys

So what was your decision and why?
at first i didnt like my HD58X for gaming
but after about 200hours of burn-in I can hear things very very accurately in the games I play. The sound stage is pretty intimate but the imaging is very clear
Get both! :-)
OK, seriously, what are you using for gaming right now? I've got 7xx, 650, 6xx (and Jubilees, but haven't spent enough time with those yet). Unless you've got something in the same league already that excels at gaming or music, *any* of these headphones would be great as an all-rounder.
FWIW, I've been a fan of Sennheiser for ages; I've had the 650s for nigh-on-forever, and I'm still smitten with their sound--for music. They are very chill, and pretty much everything sounds good on them.
However, I've taken to my 7xx as my everyday cans for work (conference calls) and casual* gaming. They are still great for music, but I prefer the somewhat brighter sound of the AKGs for gaming. Details come across a little better, whereas the Sennheiser sound has more of a soft edge that feels perfect for evening lounge music with the lights low.
The AKGs are also very light with huge ear cups; I find them just a tad more comfortable for things like gaming and work, where I simply forget I'm wearing them. Again, not like the Senns are uncomfortable or the AKGs are bad with chill music, but since you're looking to narrow the choice down to just one, I'd personally go for AKGs if these will be for gaming first and music second, or for the Senns for music first and gaming second. Just my preferences.
* I play primarily XBox platform for achievements and have hundreds of completed games, so my definition of "casual" still means hundreds of hours logged--just not on competitive MP titles.
Based on your description it sounds like the HD 58X might be best for you. From what I've heard it would be better than all of those for competitive gaming, it's easier to drive so you won't need to also buy an amp, still great for music, and only $150.
I have the K712 and HD58X, and tried out the HD650 and HD600 with my rig when considering purchasing them before. The K712 has a huge soundstage indeed, but because of that, I find it less engaging and involving (like a ring-shaped ripple radiating on a water surface; the further it travels the more diffused it gets, until it vanishes completely). The HD650 has good tone and texture and sounds really natural and at ease, but nothing stands out to me- it excels at sounding natural. The HD600 sounds close, but with a different frequency response tuning and to my ears has less depth and more grain in the treble and upper mids. The HD58X has a more impactful and exciting sound that I like, costs less and is easier to drive, which makes it an easy decision for me to make
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HAHAHA oh well :)
The HD58X is more v-shaped sounding, so if what you seek is natural sounding, even vocals with a hint of warmth you can save your money. Technically I think the HD6XX has a slight edge too, it sounds like it has a better damped driver with less ringing