My old sick Corsair K95 Keyboard, i take a ton of mod in this and it do not worth, compare with other Hotswapable keyboards on the market. i accepted that Gaming Keyboards in the world give terrible typing&sound experience. Although mod this plate stabilizer with bandage+3M electrical tape+Holee mod. i change some to another brand new stabilizer, The Tape+Form damper mod at backcase and stabilizer damper. Lube&Film on every switch But you know what... All of this "Wasted" ...waste time a lot of solder and desolder. becasue stibilizer unstable when i used for a while. The plate do not holding switch in some area, it is loose. it's not worth it, to Heavy mod on gaming keyboards for better your typing&sound. Go to some website, pick a pair of Hotswapable Keyboard and Mod some Holee on stabilizer or a little Krytox+bandage tape DONE! PS. i used to Razer Blackwidow 2012 Ultimate before. And i can tell you it "NOT worth it" to mod, similar Corsair K95. From Thailand Thankss BRO.


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