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Enter your Zippo design to be produced by Massdrop



We’re hosting a contest to produce a custom Zippo lighter designed by the community!

Not only will the winner’s design be made into Zippo lighters that will run on Massdrop, but the winner will also receive a flat sum of $500 and five low-serial-number Zippos of their design.

Here’s how it works: From October 12–25, we’ll accept design submissions that will be created on a polished brass Zippo lighter using their signature “Lustre Etch” process. After that, we’ll work directly with Zippo to choose five finalists. Then we’ll put it back to you, the community, to vote on your favorite. When the winner is selected, we’ll contact them and then announce them here in the discussion. Afterward, we’ll create a prototype and launch the drop! Keep reading for more details . . .


1. Zippo Design Submission: Submit your design by using the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeXnEZACwRce0WKVvxGLCw8Ncmov7yM37WUa2fPMVI3Tn-aiw/viewform

Contest Rules: https://helpdesk.massdrop.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010525493

Design Dimensions: 32 x 51 mm. Please only submit designs for the front of the lighter. We will not accept submissions with designs on additional surfaces. File Types: VECTOR art: .ai, .eps, .svg or pdf (only if art is vector paths/outlines) Or RASTER art: .psd (with layers), .tif (with or without layers) Guidelines: All designs must follow the Zippo guidelines found on their website, including the below:
  • Your designed product cannot include elements that belong to someone else, are offensive, or would appeal to young children.
  • Designs can’t infringe on any copyrights or trademarks, including names, logos, and symbols.
  • Designs cannot include insignias of government agencies, organizations, military branches, or the Chinese flag.
  • Do not use an existing piece of artwork, cartoon, photograph, or screenshot, even if you changed it by rearranging the elements of the artwork.
  • Do not use images found on the internet, including from search engines or social media, without written authorization from the owner (which must be provided to Zippo and Massdrop)
  • Designs can’t be inappropriate or offensive, including nudity, obscene or vulgar material, material that harasses, threatens, defames or abuses other. Material that is racist, sexist, a symbol of hate. Material that promotes or depicts violence or abuse, including animals. Material that glamorizes illegal drug use.
  • Designs can’t appeal to young children, including anime, Santa Claus, cartoon like characters.
2. Finalist Selection: Once all the designs have been submitted and verified, we’ll work with Zippo to determine the top five finalists. 3. Finalist Voting Round: We’ll open it up to the community to determine the winner of the five chosen finalists. 4. Winning Design Announcement: We’ll contact that designer to confirm their winning selection and have them fill out a purchaser-owned artwork agreement form. Then we’ll announce the winner and launch a new drop! PRIZES: The winning design will be run as a drop on Massdrop. The winner will receive a flat sum of $500 and five low-serial-number Zippos of their design. The other four finalists will receive $100 in Massdrop credit. DATES
· Submission Period Start: Friday, October 12th 11:15AM PST · Submission Period End: Thursday, October 25th 11:59PM PST · Finalist Selection Period: Friday, October 26th - Tuesday, October 30th · Voting Period Start: Wednesday, October 31st · Voting Period End: Tuesday, November 6th · Winner Announcement: Will be announced within ~7 days of voting period.
Best of luck to all entrants! Also, this is our first Zippo design contest, so be sure to give us feedback and let us know what you think.
Jaypea, ManualCraft, and 23 others

As a collector I wouldn't bother with any of these. When you see some of the great Zippo designs over the decades you realize what a lackluster, unimaginative five these are. I'm certain we could come up with better efforts than these. Give people more time to work on image concepts. It's a failed contest when so many don't want to win any of the 'prizes'. Cheers BH
Hello Guys, Any updates here?
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Absolutely. We're just (anxiously) waiting on the final confirmation from Zippo on the final 5 designs.
Can there be multiple layers, like one or two extra? It would add some depth and is possible to achieve when engraving.
Hey, so who all is allowed to enter? I have a few south korean artist buddies who id like to share this with.
Sounds great, spread the word! The contest is open to any Massdrop member who is not affiliated (like staff or vendors).
Great idea. If only I had the artistic ability. Good luck!
Stole my idea
Where's the Zippo contact info? and where's the prize section in the rules?
The authors can't tell between will (like to) and shall (future) and singular and plural.
What resolution / ppi does a raster image need?
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We got it through our contact at Zippo. Ill check see if I can post it here.
Well its kinda too late now anyway. Theres little time to change anything much before the contest ends. Also i had to send my entry in as a tif without layers simply because the upload limit is not large enough for a psd with limits. Should at least put the upload limit at 100mb IMHO.
No design needed.Just make a solid copper Zippo .I bet it will outsell any model on massdrop by miles.
This. And they should also bring back their solid titanium Zippo!
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makes sense for a lighter though, i suppose.
some anime don't appeal to children though
Can't draw myself but would be stoked if someone did an art work themed after John Le Carre's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
I can't draw, but I think a t-rex skull in profile or 3/4 view would be cool. Or even the whole skeleton
Can we get some actual info on what “appeal to young children” entails? That’s so obnoxiously vague. There are so many sugary sweet styles that are far from child oriented, but could certainly be rejected by someone just skimming through submissions to flag ”rule breakers” in that lot.
And what harm is an empty lighter to anyone anyway?
Hi ProfessorPat,
This was taken directly from Zippo's Insignia Reference Guide;
Could appeal to young children, depending on regional culture, including: a. Anime. b. Santa Claus. c. Cartoon-like characters.
Thanks for your interest!
Why does it have to be on a psd file? I have a photo of my design I had drawn before I can pay to use photoshop just for the format, but why?
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You don't need photoshop to make a psd file? Gimp can export es psd too. Most alternatives can too i assume.
Cool! I have no idea gimp could do that :)
Just to be clear, it doesn't seem like any hand drawn designs will be aloud for submission. Is that correct?
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1: Spelling is related to reading comprehension; contests are clogged with rulebreakers who don't read so their entries get disqualified. These incompetents make the judges' jobs awful. 2: Much of the Zippo art [I found on Google Images] seems to be folk art; that is, random loose annoying tedium that doesn't fetch much money. If this contest wants more of the same mass-produced crap, then don't worry. 3: That's not a question.
it was a joke about MaxRogers writing aloud instead of allowed..
Any chance we can get the massdrop logo file to use in our designs? I'd like to have a small logo incorporated into my design.
Read the guidelines! No logos etc. Zippo will probably prin the Massdrop logo anyway.

Sam Shere took this photo in 1937, but is public domain now. This would be cool on a Zippo. I don't have the tools to do a vector file, but someone else might
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Hi Buckten,
While we appreciate your interest in joining the contest, public domain images cannot be used. The goal with this contest is to create unique artwork to be used in a limited edition Zippo production run. By definition, “public domain” art cannot be restricted by Zippo in any way and hence could be submitted and run by any other customer at any other time.
Gotchya. Good luck with the contest. Skulls and Demons are getting kind of old, as well as Harley and Jack Daniels lighters.