Let's Talk Journalism: Nosy or Needed?
One thing I have always loved or felt led to shoot are emotional situations. I follow our local emergency response and scanners and whenever something is happening nearby everything in me wants to up and go and shoot it. Even during hurricane Michael I was glued to the media coverage wishing I was out there capturing images and video.
My issue is contemplating how to do so in a way that is needed and not nosey. I'm not interested in gossip, I would just really love to have the ability to capture high emotional state, responders, and scenes. Many times there is a call out locally for images of our local responders, but how to do that without looking like a rubber-necker or busy-body.
There have been many times I have provided useful content for the news and articles but I was hoping someone with media experience could help me think of ways to not feel like I was a tourist in someone else's catastrophe in actively getting out and shooting emergency situations?


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