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HD 6XX's running on Nahimic 2?

I just got my new HD 6XX, without any amp solution for it. The headphones sound "decent" with my MSI pc on nahimic 2 192kHz/24bits (without any of those software assisted modifiers), so... which amp will work for 300 ohms or could be a dac/amp could be better? (under $100) Edit: I found out that there's no way for Schiit in México (for example the schiit stack magni+modi cost $400 even from the store), so I found better deals at china and Ebay with this ones: -FX audio X6 (dac/amp) -Topping A30 -Bravo Audio V1/V2/V3/S1 -or even SMSL M3 (dac/amp)

Schiit stack now that the Modi 3 is out. I gather its pricier where you live, but you'll have it for years.
I use an MSI GT83VR for my gaming laptop and while I find the gold, hi-res "audiophile" output to be noticeably cleaner than the regular headphone out, all of those options fail when critically listening through Toslink optical out to my Schiit stack Magni 3/ Modi 3.
Edit: This photo was taken when I had my Magni 3 hooked up with the Modi 2 Uber P.S, the Modi 2 Uber was $150 and while great does not sound better or perceptibly worse than the Modi 3 at only $99
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I'm well aware, but I have a PS4, 4K BR player, 4K TV and two laptops that at any time I want, need to out put to a Klipsch soundbar, Klipsch stereo, Schiit stack or BT transmitter so I use a 4 x 4 Toslink Matrix splitter. Find me another solution and i'll be more than happy to try it.
At work I do use a USB-B to USB-C cable for 32bit 192hz output on the Modi 2 Uber. Music from Spotify sounds too similar to warrant a FOMO episode.
i see. then you're good. i use my modi 3 through Schiit Wyrd which is then plugged through USB from my desktop. Amplifier is Vali 1. The Wyrd scrubs away USB power and supplies it with it's own from the wall power
Your MSI likely has op-amps in dip sockets where you can easily upgrade them to MUSES or Burson for example. This is an integrated solution, which is not optimum, a PC is a shit-storm of noise, but for gaming and casual listening a clean fix,, nothing hanging out of the PC. Beyond this you simply do go external. A budget of $100 is limited but can put you into a portable which can then travel with a laptop say. An example to get something good, within that budget, offer $100: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CEntrance-DACport-HD-USB-Digital-Audio-Converter-DAC-Headphone-Amplifier-Amp/263981386329?hash=item3d76844a59:g:NvcAAOSwTJtbvA1J:rk:1:pf:0
I was thinking about something like: -sound blaster omni -Fiio e10k -as last resource using bravo ocean or schiit fulla($200 in my country)
Or the MD O2+SDAC with more clean power, very desirable for your 6XX and,, well anything, than the Fiio has available. Bravo is just an amp with tubes... no DAC... Sound Blaster,, you are staying in enhanced gaming sound, not audiophile, a choice, you have “enhanced“ now... Going to Schiit, is of course, another choice.