Keyboard Club and expiry dates question

On expiry dates for well, anything, I always took that if something expired on say, 20 January, that meant the last day you could participate in the thing was 20 January. As in the day, at 11:59 on 20 January, not 11:59 on 19 January. So yes, knowing that my monthly discount expired today (the 20th) here I sit to place an order. But NO! It is expired! I might not be so grumpy about it except this is the second time I have missed out using a coupon - and this one was a rarer $30! I also missed the half-price sale on keyboard covers on my date confusions. Sigh...

Sorry that happened to you. Had the same thing happen to me also. I don't know why they kind of expire them a day early, but it is what it is. Now I try to not leave it till the last moment.
I'll get someone from CS to reach out.