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Any Yugioh Boxes coming here?
Ted Z, Byeforever Byeforever, and 16 others

Is there any way we can request Drop to sell them? (Isn't it weird saying Drop instead of Massdrop?)
I’d be so into this
I haven't played Yugioh since middle school, but I would be interested in seeing more stuff that isn't MTG (which I am currently stepping back from) made available.
I'm starting to get into Yugioh. I subbed to this page with the hope there would be some interest. I'm surprised to see so much MTG though.
Yea I hope so just getting back to playing and all I see here is mtg.
Yugioh would be awesome
I agree, I haven’t played since high school, but my god that would be nostalgic.
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I remember running a spellcaster deck like I knew what I was doing at the time haha, gotta love the OG cards!
Nothing beats the OG cards! Back then lit was a lot more thinking and less fancy effect stuff. Simpler days. If massdrop is doing a drop on Yugioh cards, I’d like it to be an OG box set
Hope so too