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New Communities Giveaways (CLOSED)

New communities, new giveaways.
We're introducing five new communities to Massdrop and we want to celebrate with you! We couldn’t have done this without you, so we want to give something back. We're hosting a giveaway for each new community. Check them out below!
How to Enter Follow the Gleam links below to enter. Follow the instructions to earn more entries. We’ll choose winners for each within 7 days of the giveaway being completed.
PC Gaming This community is all about battlestation essentials, from headsets and monitors to keyboards, mice, and ergonomic chairs.
· Enter giveaway: (GIVEAWAY OVER)
· Check out PC Gaming Drops: www.massdrop.com/pc-gaming/drops

Board Games It’s all fun and games—literally. The Board Games Community is home to new and award-winning tabletop titles and the gamers who love them.
· Enter giveaway: (GIVEAWAY OVER)
· Check out Board Games Drops: www.massdrop.com/board-games/drops

Trading Card Games Here you can connect with a community of Magic fans around the world, stay up-to-date on new releases, and check out today’s most popular trading card games.
· Enter giveaway: (GIVEAWAY OVER)
· Check out Trading Card Games Drops: www.massdrop.com/trading-card-games/drops

Flashlights Whether the power’s out or you’re looking for keys in the dark, the world’s a little brighter when you’ve got the right flashlight in hand.
· Enter giveaway: (GIVEAWAY OVER)
· Check out Flashlights Drops: www.massdrop.com/flashlights/drops

Baking In this community, home bakers can shop bakeware and swap recipes for the best cakes, breads, pastries, and more.
· Enter giveaway: (GIVEAWAY OVER)
· Check out Baking Drops: www.massdrop.com/baking/drops

Let us know what you think of the new communities
and best of luck to everyone in the giveaways!
Cynthia Henley, Deitric Phillips, and 23 others

how can I order sewing machine needles from you? can not find them. tia
Thanks for the heads up email, not.
Greetings! We have our official winners of the New Communities Giveaway. Congrats to the following people:
  • Bryan L.
  • Ernest F.
  • Angel A.
  • Heather M.
Thanks to everyone for participating!
When will you announce the winners?
As soon as we have them confirmed. I'll be reaching out to people today so keep your eyes peeled.
Love this idea, and thank you for including Canada!! Though I'm in Quebec, and as often happens this contest excludes Quebec, but good luck to everybody else! :)
Like the idea, floating around I have seen a Potential. Looking fwd to the Future of massdrop. Being a more Personal and inventive seen. Would like to see my self Promoting.
Same. Thank you so much Massdrop!!!! That chair would beat that pants out of my old computer chair, wish I could have it.
I would absolutely love to win one of these giveaways.
Thanks so much for the opportunity.