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Anyone interested in an ERGO Chair?

Freedom Task Chair is the best chair I have ever sat on. They are highly expensive and would be great for a MASSDROP. http://www.humanscale.com/products/product.cfm?group=FreedomTaskChairWithHeadrest
Thecklos, Megasworth, and 6 others

Same, best chair I've owned to date. But from the looks in the current trend, it's sporty/racer/car looking chairs.
My work has these chairs and they are the best. Better in performance vs sporty looking gaming chair in my opinion.
Humanscale chairs overall are beauts, personally loving the Differient chair for how clean and minimalistic while feeling super.
These sporty gaming chairs are not the one. A friend of mine doesn't even recommend it after splashing $$$ on it. Words I can clearly recite when asked if its good after two of use, "brainwashed, don't bother". I just wished somehow my five previous worthless office chairs were not bought and invested into these ergo chairs instead by knowing about Humanscale sooner.