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Feb 17, 2017
Hmmm ... I thought Tidal streamed only up to CD quality (16/44.1) ... guess I will have to take another look at them. Got a Pono player to listen to Hi-rez, but their site/store/software is a dysfuncitonal mess right now - and they dont even put the fun in dysfunctional
Feb 17, 2017
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Wrong Shipping Address (Not my fault)
Hi, Im a little frustrated, my item is going to the wrong address and it seems like i cannot change it. i had provided the correct shipping address on the account and when i made the purchase. This correct address was confirmed to me in the receipt i had received from drop. I have a downloaded pdf and email to prove this. However i can see on DHL tracking that it has listed an incorrect address, it has reached my country and now a new carrier Yodel will be taking over. I have contacted DHL (bot) and they have told me i need to contact the supplier (DROP) to get the address changed. Ive also tried contacting Yodel (my package goes to Yodel after i pay customs ). Yodel has told me that they cannot change the address it is going to unless a failed attempt has been made at the address or they can put the item into their network and i can re-order from the supplier ( ive no idea how this works) Obviously i want my item and i don't want it going to the incorrect address when this...
Sep 21, 2020
my new collection
Sep 21, 2020
Something wrong with my setup?
So I just got the HD6xx and the Schiit Heresy and Modi stack. I put in my RCA cables from the Modi to the Heresy and then plugged in the usb from the Modi to my pc. I plugged the headphones in and everything sounds great. However, there is this static and some pops in the left driver of my headphones when I'm using it. I don't want to jump to conclusions and think I have a faulty unit so I'm wondering if something is wrong with how I set everything up. Thank you.
Sep 20, 2020
Drop shipping slow because of covid.
I payed 45 dollars for one day shipping on the 16th and my package is set to be delivered on the 21st, I have read other forum posts recently of people saying they are not receiving items or response from drop. I got a refund for the shipping, and 10 dollar credit (thank you drop) I would just choose the free shipping for now even if you need a package ASAP.
Sep 18, 2020
Good night little Schiit stack, retiring to the bedside. Thank you, you were a great starter into audiophilia. Your big brothers will take it from here ;-)
Sep 17, 2020
Meze Audio Cables
can we get a drop on the upgrade cables from MEZE Audio?
Sep 17, 2020
Blon 03 with upgrade copar cable 2.5 balance are wery pleasent surprise for you ear.
Sep 17, 2020