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G-sync 1440p 140+Hz IPS monitor on sale at Massdrop.....???

All i see is freesync. Every monitor for sale on Massdrop. I think its time to have Good G-Sync monitor for sale on Massdrop. Any monitor 27inch 140+Hz 1440p IPS panels are 600+ dallars in stores. I TRUST Massdrop can do better and lots of gamers would suport them by buying hundreds if not thousands! What do you think? ......................................................................................... Edit on Feb 14th: this post is a outdated please check out new one here https://www.massdrop.com/talk/21311/its-hard-to-believe-but-its-true-free-sync-monitors-work-with-n-vidia-cards


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Anybody looking for a new 240hz 25" Alienware AW2518H monitor? This is the Gsync version of Alienwares extremely well made gaming monitor with 5 usb 3.0 ports, 1 DP, 1 HDMI. Adjustable height, swivel, and 180 degrees rotation. They are going for around $500 now after the 15% dell website discount. But I'm selling one BNIB for $330.

I don't see the point, for any competitive gamer would never use gsync or any such sync. With a quality monitor you literally don't get screen tearing anyway. So why introduce input lag that can be worse at times, for a feature that is heavily fixed by just buying a quality monitor. I don't even see the point in it for casual gamers. But I really don't see the point for anybody wanting equal footing in a competitive game.
Gsync will always be better than using Adaptive Sync. Gsync monitors are really affordable, honestly. You can pick up a 27" 1440p TN Panel from Dell for $330 pretty regularly on sale. I lucked out with a Viewsonic 27" 1440p G-Sync at a pawn shop for $200 flat.
Now that gsync is supported on any monitor it doesn’t really matter... although having a monitor the the gsync scaler would be nice
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Ahh I see. So your future proofed with a nice screen. Monitor is one of the things that don’t need to be replaced for years. Good choice in many ways. And about 27 vs 32, bigger is not better! It just works for me as I have lots of space and like to sit back in my chair. 27 inch has better DPI at 1440p and looks sharper but I think need to be kept close to user.
I got the MPG over MAG because of reviews and increased brightness density. Amazing how folks on forums can be if you don't mention that you don't have the latest mega rig. Ok, I have a 1050ti. It is not an 1080ti, and I know the 1050 is average. That will change to a 140 Hz card some time. I play only world of tanks and world of warships. I currently get 60-80 fps with max settings on every graphic setting. Step 1 know your needs, and work towards that end.
I think the problem is Freesync is open source whereas G-Sync is proprietary and require royalties paid to Nvidia which is why their monitors are always 2 or 3 hundred dollars more expensive than Freesync counterparts. Even if there was a group deal, I highly doubt you'll get a GSync monitor at a Freesync price.
Less that it's open source and more that it's free as in beer. There's plenty of open sourced software and hardware that cost money to use and sell.
Both G-Sync and FreeSync are pretty much useless if you want to do high end gaming, which is warranted by such a quality of monitor.
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I dont even think it’s a little bit better. In the end they both do the same thing.
No, they work differently, and when Nvidia are a part of making the monitor, you can count on a wider VRR range and best VRR there is rn, with FreeSync/New G-Sync, its up to the monitor maker and in general even so it is agreed that because of the fact that the scaler is built for G-sync, at least currently it looks better than freesync because of again wide VRR and better adjusting.
Well PG278QR is a TN panel and and in that case i would just get Dell S2716DG for $320 on sale or 399 regularly at Micro Center BRAND NEW. I cant believe Asus charge 599 for PG278QR TN and 599 for PG279Q witch is IPS. That’s just makes no sense. i would like IPS for my self and have been considering VA lately, only as a cheeper alternative and the only option that goes up to 32 inches.
I got a S2417DG (24 inch version of S2717DG) which super nice especially for the price but I have seen MSI VA 144hz 1440p monitors (that weren’t even released when I bought my monitor) which only have freesync (although you can use gsync with that now). In general the TN panel is ok and I think I’d prefer VA overall and would like to see more VA monitors.
yes please
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Knowing the color banding issues full and well, I still paid full price for it, and while I wouldn't say I'm regretting it, I do agree that the color banding is atrocious and a problem with EVERY single panel they ship out.
I got one and sure it’s there but I still love it especially for the price, it really isn’t that noticeable, I even see movies on it once in a while, at least for me it isn’t bad at all
Dell S2716DGR 27" G-Sync 1440p 144 Hz Monitor is actually on sale in Best Buy at $350
I just wish Nvidia would stop being such a-holes and support Freesync (Adaptive Sync) already, rather than obstenantly refusing to support a VESA standard just so that we're forced to pay exorbitant prices for their proprietary alternative.
Ik this is old but if you don’t know yet they do support gsync over just DP now (while only turning it on by default for certain monitors it can be turned on for any monitor that supports freesync with various levels of success
I'm looking to get a 144hz curved 1440p whenever I see the right deal. If there was one on here for the right price meeting all that, especially if it was also G-Sync, I'd jump on it.
I have the acer predator z35p 1440p wide screen if you can find a deal on that its a great monitor (if you have the funds)
Thanks, I actually ended up getting a Pixio PXC32 though. Saw a good deal on it last month and I love it.
an Asus PG279Q would be nice at a lower price
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Ik this is old but if you don’t know yet they do support gsync over just DP now (while only turning it on by default for certain monitors it can be turned on for any monitor that supports freesync with various levels of success
I would say that they should start putting Asus and Acer G-Sync monitors as a future drop. I will contact them about it and see what they say and bring it back to you guys.
Fair warning on these predator monitors, I have had 4 in total and currently have 2 that work. Two just stopped working and Acer is not very helpful. At a 50 percent failure rate I would not recommend them, also, Acer will not pay for shipping and in some instances (as was with me) they will want to charge a service fee. The monitor itself, if it does not break is great, I do love them and still use the two that work, but will never purchase another one. Good luck.
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Fair enough, and I wasn't questioning why you don't recommend the monitor. Granted my X34P is a much bigger and completely different monitor, but shares the same panel as the Alienware 34" gaming monitor and it also gets grave reviews. I wouldn't count all Acer monitors out, just specific ones that seem to have problems is all.
You are absolutely correct, I do not have an embargo on all acer products, just the x34 since it is specifically the monitor I have and has failed. I don't know what the difference is between the Alienware 34" and the X34p or, if they even have the same failure issue, so I would not try and dissuade any customers from getting one. My issue is with this specific monitor and is something I do with any product that I find has a high failure rate. Again, if I am unwilling to use a product I will not recommend it to a customer, and since I can not test every product on the market that list is very small. I will however call out any company that has horrible customer service and will both personally and professionally, avoid using their products as much as possible. In the instances that I use a product from a company that has customer service issues I disclose that to my customers because once again, it will reflect poorly on me as a builder if I am putting parts into a system that later fail and the customer gets little to no satisfaction from the company that makes it. There is a lot more I could go into but I will end it here so as not to write a novel.
I'm in!!!!
I'm with you. Most people have Nvidia cards which don't even support FreeSync. Also, you really need some sort of syncing tech when you're trying to hit 100+hz.