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Looking for desktop AMP/DAC combo to complement Audeze LCD-X

Hi folks. As the title says, I'm looking for some help pairing up something that would compliment these cans. I don't mind paying for quality, but at the same time, don't want to blow my life savings if you know what I'm saying… Any help would be most appreciated!

It's "complement."
audeze deckard for sure
What reference sound you shooting for? Neutral, warmish, a detail-monster? End-game type dac/amp setup or something to dip your toes in?
I've not owned an Audeze yet but I do have the Edition X from Hifiman, I have heard the LCD series like a bit of juice.
Perhaps, check out something from JDS labs, Schiit have some price/performance stuff there that could go well with your LCD-X. There are fans of Audio-GD products as well that could partner up well with your headphones.
I do believe Audeze have their own dedicated amp as well, if you're wanting to go down that direction.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for your response. I've checked out Audeze's AMP. I wasn't sold. I'm looking for something mid-way — nothing that will break the bank, and nothing that I'll regret buying 6 months after. Warm would be my sound preference if that helps?
Have you found an Amp/DAC yet? I have the LCD-X coming to me and trying to think of an amp/DAC duo myself. I have heard great things about the Massdrop THX 789 amp that some people like to use in their endgame setup but they are not currently for sale. I was strongly considering the Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amp since this inlcludes a DAC as well as balanced capabilities. You don't really need too much juice to drive the LCD-X compared to the other LCDs.
I personally would not recommend a tube amp since the LCD-X is a planar magnetic. I have the LCD 2 closed and run it from the Aune X7S and the Amp I use is the SMSL Sanskrit pro which is part of my panda stack. I go passive to my Aune and XLR balanced out to my LCD. The sound is outstanding regardless of genre, all I do is switch my headphones depending on what I am listening to. I hope that helps.
Very helpful. Thanks.
Since you want quality, avoid the usual suspects in Schiit and especially Cavalli which is proven garbage.
DAC: Chord Mojo Amp: Mjolnir Audio Dynalo if you don't want to pay more for a HeadAmp GS-X Mini
Make sure to detach the battery for the Chord. The Mojo should not be charging 24/7.
Good news. I already have the Mojo. :)
Jotunheim from Schiit (for solid state) If you're looking for tubes I'm a bit hesitant to recommend because it all depends on your taste. Maybe someone else can help you with this one. Hope this helps