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Is Mirrorless camera better than a entry level DSLR?

I am trying to decide between Mirrorless and DSLR camera. This will be my camera for Travel photography.

I have and use both mirrorless and dSLR. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. For life and nature photography, where there is no FAST action/movement, a mirrorless is fine. For fast action (basketball, soccer, etc), I use a dSLR, as it works better for that. For difficult lighting, I prefer a mirrorless, because of the Electronic Viewfinder. Mirrorless used more power than dSLRs, so you will need to carry more batteries. This is a major logistical consideration for travel; I need 3 to 4 batteries with my mirrorless to shoot a full day, whereas my dSLR will go 2+ days on one battery. Flash is NOT used. For my travel camera, I use a mirrorless Olympus Micro 4/3 camera. It is about half the weight and bulk of my comparable dSLR. But I have the battery hassle.
My mirrorless is more menu intensive so I tend to leave it at home when I’m shooting sports or fast paced events but when I travel and have time to sort through menus I prefer my mirrorless. It’s much easier to pack and carry all day. My advice would be to invest in at least one piece of glass that is an upgrade from the kit lens.
In short? Yes. In 10 years no one will be using DLSRs. There is no technological advantage.
Yes. DSLR are still very viable in the near term. But the big two, Canon and Nikon, have recently debuted mirrorless full frame. The mirrorless cameras coming from Fuji and Sony lately are really really good and are pushing prices down across the board. I am a big fan of Fuji. Just bought an XT3 as it nails video features pretty hard, and has excellent photography features. Sony on the other hand has been clobbering everyone with their A7 series. Especially since you can get an A7II for quite cheap now that the A7 III is out. The underlying truth here is that it's Sony's BSI sensor technology which is making both Sony and Fuji cameras able to wipe the floor with the reflex designs. This isn't a feature of them being mirrorless, but rather the superior noise performance and dynamic range of the sensor that happens to be in mirrorless bodies. In a DSLR format it would still have the better specs. I also have to say that the lower weight and slimmer profile of mirrorless is a welcome benefit. Means I carry the camera with me on more outings.
If you could provide a little more information on what you plan on doing as far as the types of pictures you are going to take we might be able to give you a better idea of which would work for you. As for the types themselves, they both take great images so a lot of people wind up pretty happy with their choice.
It’s mostly life and nature photographs during my travels. More I read I keep hearing both are equally good thats making it hard to decide one over other. Wanted to hear experts opinios.
I personally use DSLR and love them. I have had mirrorless but went back to DSLR which has more to do with my usage than picture quality. I use the canon eos 5d mk iii and the 70D, they both take amazing pictures. The only bad pictures they have taken was due to the lens I was using. As far as the cameras go, great pictures, easy to use and plenty of options. I have heard the 80D is really good but I don't feel the need to upgrade because I love the pictures I get (for the record, I do astrophotography and use the 5d mkiii for that and my wife does natural). I hope that helps.