Jan 8, 201799 views

Bluetooth earbuds/in ear headphones under 50€

Hello community, I´m looking for the best bluetooth earbuds or bluetooth in ear headphones for under 50€. I want to use them daily for music. I´m from Austria so the shipping costs has to be included in the price. Thanks in advance!

You might get better results if you post this in Tech instead of Audiophile.
Xiaomi bluetooth IEM is cheap and sounds decent. Battery lasts pretty long too.
I think you should go for Sony's earbuds because of its excellent quality and sound. I'd recommend SONY MDRXB50AP EXTRA BASS EARBUDS because their bass is unbeatable in $40 price. I also read here https://www.pingzic.com/best-earbuds-under-50/#1_Sony_MDRXB50AP_Extra_Bass_Earbuds that these are tangle free and customer reviews on Amazon are also great.
For Bluetooth earbuds at that price will not get you much in terms of sound SQ for price. Only Bluetooth earbud that comes to mind is Jaybirds and I think it is out of your price range.