Oct 20, 2018

What <£200 headphones to get when sharing a room

Got about £150 to spend, share a room with my brother. What headphones would be best for me? Looking at the HD6XX , though i'm concerned about sound leakage. Music taste changes all of the time, and I tend to listen to bits of music from every genre.

Meze 99 nor,dt 770
if you are sharing a room I would not suggest the hd58x as they are open back and so there will be a lot of sound coming from them. You should be looking at closed backs. I don't own it but I have heard that the meze 99 noir are have very good sound and are currently $199 (usd not sure the conversion to pound) here on mass drop. Aside from that you can pick up anything from ATH M50's, Sennheiser 569 as well as others on Amazon. I have the takstar 82 pro and while it is not the best headphones on the market, for the price it is an outstanding set for a very cheap price. I still use mine when running around town since I don't want to carry anything real expensive while on the run. The only other ones I would recommend is the 1More triple driver overear. If you can wait for them to drop again here on massdrop you will not be disappointed. Hope that helps.
Sennheiser HD58X headphones and Etymotic ER20XS earplugs :)
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