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Can someone direct me to good Intro audiophiles?

I wanted to try out openback headphones, I didn’t really want to get an amp/sac though. I listen to music on my phone and I wanted to game with them. Anyone have any suggestions? I was interested in the he4xx, hd58x, and even some ad500x or dt880 (32ohm). Still, I like a warm sound but I’m down to hear this clarity in mids and highs.

Can you stand having IEM's in your ears? If so, you'd find "A LOT" of quality IEM's in your price range. Shouldn't be an issue running IEM's off your phone?
I don’t mind them, I really rather have them over heads. I have heard some have a good sound stage but I haven’t really looked into which ones do.
Well what about a portable amp under 100
"What abolit the HD 598 sr" Poor man pays twice.
"Well what about a portable amp under 100" Fiio makes decent stuff, but I don't bother. I find carting around an entirely separate amp too annoying to deal with. Besides, in your price bracket, it's best to spend everything on a pair of headphones that don't suck, then worry about amplification later.
What abolit the HD 598 sr
i Tried the DT880s at guitar center, but I haven’t seen any Sennheiser or Beyerdynamics at bestbuy. I didnt look at the magnolia section though.
Budget? Looks like <$200 based on suggestions... If you can afford $400, Audeze Mobius ticks a lot of boxes for you. It's an active headphone, so dac and amp are built in, supports bluetooth, and was made with PC gamers in mind. Sound quality is good (imo) for the price bracket (<$500).
If $200 is a hard limit, I would probably go for DT880 (beware of Beyer spike) or HD58X. The HE4XX isn't going to play as nice without an amp (35 Ohm impedance plus low sensitivity is a problem for non-dedicated amps). Also, they look like they have crap for bass extension. The Beyers are much easier to drive, but the Senns won't sound like Beyers, if that's a problem for you (I attribute my tinnitus to 10 years of using a DT880-250). I do generally prefer the tonal balance of the DT880 vs most Senns, though I haven't ever heard the HD58X.
If you are looking for something that you can use on your portable device that will give you decent audio (and I say decent because the sound only gets better when you put it on an amp), I would recommend the 1More triple driver over ear. It has its issues but sound quality is not one of them.
I suggest you try them at an audio shop or something, and reconsider again from there. To get the most out of open-backed headphones, it usually requires listening in isolation and- a bit of generalization here- decent amping, which is clearly not what you're veering towards. Don't get me wrong, I simply do not wish for you to dump your money unnecessarily
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Haha - I am referring back to what the OP mentioned with " he4xx, hd58x, and even some ad500x or dt880 (32ohm)." If I want to try some Sennheisers, specifically the HD600, HD650, or HD700, where do I go?
I see, it depends on where you're staying I guess. Back where I live there are several stores and cafes with headphones of that level (and above)!
hd598s (and their equivalents) are probably a good choice then. They should work fine without additional equipment, but still leave room to grow.