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Isn't our country divided enough?

Not a big fan of segmenting the cooking community (aka: people who like to make and eat food) with the addition of a baking community. It's not as if the folks who might join one group don't share more than a few commonalities--we all use pots and pans, we all use kitchen appliances, we all use ovens--what's with the big split?
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Very nice job setting up the cutoff point for mobile devices. I knew the baking people did this, sure, but not sure how good it would be for stove top cooking :)

Proof of the conspiracy between subversive elements in the Baking and Pastry parties! Those cupcake-crazies will stop at nothing to discredit the Cooking party!


I definitely like the idea of a separate Baking community. There is bound to be some overlap with Cooking, but so what! I cook as needed, but I love baking! Some days I just want to bake something. I look in my pantry and decide what I have ingredients for, and get busy! I bought the Culinary Institute of America’s textbook for desserts and pastries just so I could learn more in depth info! I am happy to join this new Baking community!
Pastries? Say there's an idea! Let's do a Pastry Community!
To be honest there's not a whole lot of commonality between the two groups. Beyond spatulas/mixing spoons/bowls. While it's true that there is some overlap in the people doing both, as it's been mentioned if you can bake you can probably cook, but not necessarily the other way around.
The way I see it adding a sub-category lets them start to fit in more specialized equipment into the baking section, that would simply be a waste of airwaves in the cooking section and thus risk not being dropped to begin with.
So far, they admittedly haven't done a great job of that, there's far too much overlap between the two categories. Many drops have literally been double dropped which is lending itself to people questioning why you need two sections when they drop everything in both.
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I agree there is going to always be some overlap between the two communities. we always joke that chefs are ADD and pastry chefs are OCD.
Pastry?! What the devil does pastry have to do with baking?!!!
I love chicken mc nugget$...
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It's a fine offer my friend but sorry gotta decline. Wifey here is giving me a death stare. XD Talk about cooking, almost everyday, me and my wife eating the same thing over and over again. (Steamed Brocolli, Carrot and Rice with fried egg). That's the best I can cook, believe me. Hahaha
That actually sounds pretty good--and definitely more healthy than McNuggets. BTW, I was only kidding about my girlfriend--I like you too much for that!
FY Ray! I can't bake in an easy bake oven. But I sure can cook the FF out of something. So, sadly, I have to say I think we need 2 communities, because if I can't bake, I sure as hell know that someone can't cook. Now go back to bed old man!
Ah, go stick your head in an oven and lets see if you can't really bake after all ;- )
I could see someone believe that all bakers are cooks, but not all cooks want to bake. That said though, the same kind of division just happened with Hobby and Trading Card Games... I outgrew card games, so I WOULD appreciate being able to scroll through a shorter Hobby list, except the card games are still in there anyway. In addition to the overlap, Massdrop automatically signed me up for interest in card games (and sewing), so I get marketing emails with two things I care about and 4 that I would never buy for myself.
First they came for the vapers, and I did not speak out—because I think vaping is dumb anyway.
Then they came for the trading card gamers, and I did not speak out—because I kinda think trading card games are for kids.
Then they came for the Quilters, and I did not speak out--because, seriously, quilting is for girls.
Then they came for the stuff I like—and that's where I draw the damn line!!!
I sooooo wish I could give your post more than one thumbs up just for the fact that you put in a pic of the rockum sockum robots... lol
Rockum Sockum Robots?! Damn, I thought they were Shop Stewards from the local Culinary Union! Still, it's the thought that counts ;- )
ha ha ha ha